Online Management Classes

The study of management focuses on the broad of leadership in all different levels of business. The field is relevant to big, medium, and small businesses, and across every industry, from finance to information technology. The best online management classes will focus on how to run an efficient business by teaching techniques designed to be both practicable and theoretical.

Online Management Courses - Knowledge Gained

Accredited management courses online will give students valuable knowledge in the fields of:


Online courses for management focused on marketing involve the communication between a business and its customers, industry and consumers as a whole. Specific attention is given to analyzing factors that affect consumer behavior, the development and use of marketing strategies, the identification of marketing variables and the discussion of international marketing issues.


Online courses focused on finance give students insight on the tools, techniques and methodologies used to make sound financial decisions. Students will study financial planning, working capital management, capital budgeting, long term financing and international finance in a business management setting.


In accredited management online courses that teach economics, students will study the theories of economic decisions that facilitate the growth of the business. Students learn practical applications of microeconomics through theories and analysis of actual economic events, the assimilation of fundamental concepts and the tools of macroeconomic analysis of an industry.

Human Resources

Online management classes in human resources help students understand the fundamentals of human resource management and its strategic relevance in business today. This includes how to align human resource management with business strategies, the emerging issues facing business and to understand the human resource management leadership skills.

Administration and Management

The more general study of administration and management in management online classes focuses on converting theory of administration into practice. Topics include expectations for successful performance of employees and organizations, increasing competitive forces and achieving desired business goals.

Online Management Courses - Skills Developed

Top management classes online give students a toolset of valuable skills relevant to a business environment, including:

Statistical Analysis

Online classes in management teaching statistical analysis teach students how to interpret and apply statistics in order to make more informed business decisions. Concepts include examination of the role of statistics in research, statistical terminology, the appropriate use of statistical techniques and interpretation of statistical findings in business and research.

Written and Verbal Communication

A staple of online courses in management are basic written and verbal skills necessary to function in a professional environment, such as writing memos, emails, business letters and reports. Concepts include communication ethics and cross cultural communications, personal communication styles, solving organizational problems and the evaluation of an organizations strategic direction.

Business Ethics

Studying the ethical and moral modern theories and the values of society in a business setting are critical to online classes in management. Students will learn how ethics, morality, legal responsibility and social issues interrelate.


In accredited online classes for management focused on accounting, students will examine financial information from the perspective of management by identification, measurement and reporting of the financial transactions. Students can expect to learn about liabilities, accounting for corporations, investments, statements of cash flows, financial statement analysis, payroll accounting and other significant liabilities.

Critical Thinking Skills

Students become acclimated with the scientific methods of critical thinking as it relates to business decisions and problem solving. The study is based on applying theories of recognizing problems, gathering data, developing alternatives and choosing a solution.

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