Online LVN Classes

The top accredited LVN online courses feature diverse subjects that examine nearly every aspect of the occupation, including anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, nutrition, pharmacology, and intravenous therapy. Students hone their skills in patient hygiene, taking vital signs, wound care, medicine administration, and verbal communication.

Online LVN Classes

Studying to become a licensed vocational nurse prepares students to provide effective, customized health care for patients with various physical and psychological needs. Students learn crucial skills that help them provide patients with quality care, including how to diagnose common diseases, address patient medical concerns, and use medical databases to create accurate health records for large samples of people.

Knowledge Gained

Students should expect to gain knowledge in the following areas:

Anatomy and Physiology

Courses instruct students about the human body's varied anatomical systems and how they interact with one another. Classes individually examine each bodily system and highlight common diseases while reviewing the diagnostic tests used to identify them.

Medical Terminology

A key objective is to familiarize students with medical terminology so they can communicate with doctors and patients about health issues. Online courses for practical nursing develop students' comprehension of the abbreviations, root words, and pronunciations of the body's organs and anatomical systems so they can identify them on medical reports.


These courses instruct students on how to create nutrition plans and moderate a patient's diet to promote anything from physical rehabilitation to brain tissue regeneration.


Pharmacology courses introduce students to pharmacology and its expansive lexicon. Students learn how to accurately gauge a patient's dosage and properly prepare, administer, and store patients' medication.

Intravenous Therapy

Licensed vocational nurse courses online train students to properly conduct intravenous therapy so it is a seamless process that yields minimal patient discomfort. This study explores the legal aspects of intravenous usage as well as logistical issues like fluid regulation, patient observation, and selecting the right venipuncture device.

Skills Developed

Students enrolled in online classes in practical nursing will sharpen their skills in the following areas:


Providing hygienic services for patients who are unable to do so themselves is of paramount concern. Students learn how to properly bathe, clothe, and provide oral health care for incapacitated patients while teaching family members how to provide the same care at home.

Taking Vital Signs

Programs prepare students to accurately measure vital signs, such as weight, height, and body temperature. Students also learn to use devices that measure vital signs and to accurately record the results in their patients' medical records.

Wound Care

One of the best ways that courses prepare students to provide comfortable, hands-on care for their patients is by teaching proper wound care. Programs teach students how to properly dress wounds, prevent infections, and read a patient's comfort level as they tend to their injuries.

Medicine Administration

Medicine administration courses teach students to properly prepare and give medicine to patients in accordance with their specific health needs. Students enrolled in practical nursing courses are taught about various drug functions, potencies, and side effects so they can determine the proper dosage a patient requires.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication courses teach students to clearly and effectively communicate with patients when outlining diagnoses or healthcare options. Additionally, students learn to speak confidently with registered nurses and doctors so they can concisely relay medical information and develop new health strategies for their patients.

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