Online Locksmith Classes

This field of study teaches students how to service, install, and understand the mechanics of locking systems. Classes cover a number of techniques, including maintaining locks for commercial security systems, servicing personal and business safes, resolving vehicle lockouts, and making keys from impressions. Students will also study how to open, install, and change combination locks.

Knowledge Gained

Students will become knowledgeable in many areas, including:

Automotive Locksmithing

Students will learn about the wide range of vehicle locks found in different vehicle models. Automotive locksmithing classes teach students how to service car lockouts by reproducing new keys from impressions, extracting broken keys, and programing transponder keys and fobs.


Students will learn how to use an impressioning tool to make duplicate keys. These courses typically allow students to practice making keys using a code cutter machine to match the original.

Master Keying

Students will be taught methods for designing a master key and lock system. They will discover how master keys work by using special locks, which have a second operating mechanism identical to the other locks in the master key group.

Commercial Exit Devices

Students will take classes that will teach them how to install the locking device used on a commercial exit door that will release the latch when someone pushes the crash bar. Students will learn about touchbar and crossbar devices for different styles of doors, and the electronic and security features that are available.

Safe Servicing

Safe servicing courses introduce students to the maintenance of personal and commercial safes. Students will learn how to use electronic equipment to open safes with lost or forgotten combinations, repair faulty locking and door latch mechanisms, and properly install safes so they cannot be removed from the premises.

Skills Developed

Students will also be able to develop valuable skills in the following areas:


Courses will help students improve motor skills, since most work is done with the hands. Dexterity will be vital when servicing intricate operating mechanisms in pin or wafer tumbler locks, lever locks, deadbolts, and devices using electronic or magnetic locking systems.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students will learn how to determine the most effective method of repairing or installing locks. These skills may also be used to decide which locking system is best for a given situation or purpose.

Mechanical Reasoning

Students will develop an understanding of mechanical and physical concepts relating to locks. This will allow them to reasonably evaluate the quality of a locking system.


Courses will teach students to assess current or potential problems and determine the best solutions. They will learn how to visually examine locks for mechanical defects and functionality.

Interpersonal Skills

Locksmith students learn how to effectively communicate with others to determine their security needs, problems they may be facing, and to discuss the various types of locking systems that can fit their needs.

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