Online Liberal Arts Classes

Accredited online courses in the liberal arts provide a comprehensive and varied education with knowledge in English and communications, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. By taking liberal arts classes online, students also cultivate practical skills in written communication, research, word processing, interpersonal communication, and critical thinking and analysis.

Online Liberal Arts Classes

Students who study subjects in this field receive a broad education that will prepare them for careers in various areas including sales, communications, and management. Students will also get a solid foundation for future graduate studies or law school. Occasionally called general studies or interdisciplinary studies, students in this major program undertake balanced coursework in many academic disciplines rather than concentrating on one field of study.

Knowledge Gained

Top online liberal arts programs provide students with knowledge in several disciplines, including:

English and Communications

Students can expect to take several English and communications classes. English classes teach reading and creative writing skills, while communications classes teach theory and strategies for effective human communications.


Students with obtain a solid foundation in mathematics and cultivate skills in quantitative reasoning, problem solving, and estimating, while reviewing algebraic concepts and learning to apply math to real world situations.

Social Sciences

Social science is the study of human behaviors and society. Classes in psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, archeology, international affairs, education, and economics are all part of social science.

Natural Sciences

Students will gain some exposure to the natural sciences, which use scientific methodology to examine the natural world. Example subjects include biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and earth sciences.


The subject of humanities includes many diverse disciplines, such as philosophy, religion, history, literature, foreign languages, and the visual and performing arts.

Skills Developed

Students who study the liberal arts acquire extensive skills in the following:

Written Communication

In research papers and analytical writing assignments, students learn to use correct grammar and punctuation, organize and present ideas effectively in compositions, and write in an assortment of styles.


Students become proficient in research, learning to identify problems, forming hypotheses, and investigating and testing solutions. Students also gain a range of methods and techniques for collecting, analyzing, reporting, and evaluating data for many different academic fields.

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