Online International Business Classes

International business is a field of study that combines standard industry practices with the legal, financial, and cultural aspects of working in foreign countries. These types of courses prepare students for the global marketplace by teaching them how to assess marketing opportunities, follow local legal requirements, and communicate with sensitivity to cultural differences. In addition, these classes cover the basics of trade operations, international management, and global economics.

Knowledge Gained

Students should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas including:


Top courses teach students how to develop strategies for successfully managing a company in various economic, political and cultural environments. Students learn to identify foreign opportunities, manage working capital and debt, and handle global investment portfolios and human resources.


These courses cover the theoretical and practical aspects of business finance in a global economy. For example, students will learn about dealing with foreign financial institutions, financing a multinational corporation, determining the roles of economic and political forces on international finance, and managing foreign exchange fluctuations.


These classes focus on the identification and evaluation of markets and the marketing of goods and services in foreign countries. Classes in international marketing teach students how to evaluate the effects of different cultures, beliefs, practices, and local environment on marketing decisions.


It is also important for students to understand the effects of microeconomic and macroeconomic trends on international trade. Topics are likely to include foreign trade theory, foreign trade policy, foreign exchange rate systems, the roles of politics and environmental factors and the economic advancement of developing countries.

Business Law and Ethics

Courses in this area of study teach students to deal with the legal issues and organizations that regulate multinational business in both developed and underdeveloped countries. This also includes foreign contracts, the identification and resolution of legal issues, and international regulatory agencies.

Skills Developed

Students enrolled in these courses will also gain valuable skills in the following areas:


Students in this field of study will gain the background and knowledge to lead multinational corporations in a global economy. They will develop leadership skills including decision making, risk management, and knowledge of regional procedures for employee management.

Accounting and Math

Students will also need to develop excellent skills in math and accounting, used for calculating tariffs, interest rates, and the effects of exchange rates on the global economy. These skills enable them to determine financial risks, predict markets, and manage debt.

Social Perceptiveness

These classes teach students how to better understand and evaluate international responses to goods and services. Students learn to assess regional differences in culture, religious beliefs, business practices, geography, and economic and political climates.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

As students progress through their classes, they learn to assess and predict the impact of legal, political, and cultural climates on economic dealings. By studying the past successes and failures of companies, they learn the pitfalls and solutions for confronting problems when working across borders.

Business Communication

The best international business online classes prepare students for the global marketplace by teaching solid verbal and written English language skills. In addition, students develop awareness of cultural differences and learn how to communicate with sensitivity to cultural differences.

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