Online Information Technology Classes

The best online courses for information technology will offer classes in databases, software engineering, computer security, networking and web design. Students can expect to learn computer skills, information ordering, judgment and decision making, critical thinking and analysis and troubleshooting.

Online Information Technology Classes

This industry centers on using computers, computer software and related infrastructure to manage, transmit and receive information in the form of data, voice, and video. Within this broad field, classes offer many levels of coursework, including information management, systems management and security, network management, software engineering and web design. Students will also study computing in e-commerce, e-business and business information technology.

Knowledge Gained

Students will be exposed to the theory and practical application of components, including:


Students will study databases to organize information so it is easily accessed, managed, and updated. In online information technology classes students will learn how to design, implement and manage databases through the Structured Query Language (SQL) using Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

Software Engineering

Students can expect to acquire the knowledge to develop and maintain software systems that behave reliably and efficiently. Accredited online courses teach students the basics of software engineering, which may include problem modeling and analysis, software design, verification and validation, software quality, software process and software management.

Computer Security

While studying computer security, students will learn how to protect information and information systems from unauthorized access, use or destruction. Courses teach students to assess organizational risk, document and implement security procedures and check for security breaches in the system.


Students will acquire the ability to manage systems that connect computers by running the same applications while taking information technology classes. Top online classes instruct students in the fundamentals of networking by covering topics that may range from installing and configuring desktop and server operating systems, to administering, supporting and troubleshooting systems.

Web Design

Students will learn the basics of designing websites for different purposes. In addition to web page layout and design, which includes graphics, color, fonts and tables, students will also be exposed to website management techniques, such as working with domains and accessibility issues.

Skills Developed

Students will learn the following practical skills:

Computer Skills

Students will learn to navigate personal computer operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X as well as the platforms of enterprise or mainframe servers, such as IBM's S/390. Other technical skills students will acquire include the basics of computer programming language, database structure and the fundamentals of computer engineering.

Information Ordering

Students will gain an understanding of computer language in online information technology classes that will translate well in all future disciplines. Students will discover how to arrange data in a certain pattern according to specific parameters, such as alpha numerical, graphic and mathematic.

Judgment and Decision Making

Courses help students to assess the needs of the end user and determine the most appropriate action plan within a range of possibilities. Students will learn to design, implement and manage data bases, networks and websites by taking into account cost efficiency, ease of operation and overall responsiveness.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Students can expect to learn enhanced problem solving skills by analyzing and managing information online and offline. While taking classes online, students will source and interpret data by participating in projects and coming up with viable solutions to problems.


Students will gain skills from accredited information technology online courses that are essential to effective troubleshooting, which minimizes downtime and enhances data security. Students learn to identify, evaluate and prioritize problems throughout the technical infrastructure, and will use technical computer skills to keep systems running efficiently.

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