Online Information Systems Classes

This field of study explores the direct application of software design and development to achieve strategic goals in business. Students will study areas including information management, data communications, and networking. Courses explore a broad range of topics, including theoretical foundations of information and computations, the analysis and design of systems, and telecommunication technologies.

Knowledge Gained

Relevant coursework will provide students with knowledge in the following critical areas:

Software Development

Classes in software development will investigate the critical roles that altering models and methodologies play in technology today. Students will study system analysis and data, software engineering, multi-platform programming, and Internet technologies.

Database Management

The subject of database management looks at how databases successfully control and maintain integrated collections of data files, records, and other objects. Students learn database construction, information management, and how to create database systems.


Courses in networking explore ways that information systems manage network servers, including business and university networking systems. Classes explore network concepts and terminology, data links and physical media, internetworks and intranet uses, and industry standard solutions and practices.

Software Project Management

Software project management courses encompass a range of topics that train students how to manage the development of software products. Students become familiar with risk management, administration of technical resources, and alternative life cycle models.

Human Computer Interactions

Students study human computer interactions, which focus on how computer technology supports human activity and society. These courses consider the intersections of subject areas pertinent to human computer interactions, including computer science, behavioral science, and design.

Skills Developed

Accredited online courses teach students a variety of skills, which include:

Computer Skills

Students have the opportunity to strengthen computer skills while working with various types of software installation and computer programming. They will work closely with database systems, computer hardware, and other programs to build up computer skills and literacy.

Information Ordering

Courses in information ordering will focus on the ways that organization and systemization shape, maintain and improve databases and servers. These courses will teach students how information ordering critically impacts the retrieval of databases, research operations, and maintenance of information systems.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students will learn how information systems have gradually supplemented human information processes to assist with decision making. Students may take courses that explore how these systems can be used as decision aids and what roles bias plays in these judgment and decision-making processes.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Many courses can teach students critical thinking and analyses by using assessment tools via computer information technology. Students will develop these skills by maintaining networks and servers and by using problem analysis in computer programming and data representation.


Students will learn how to adequately approach and solve troubleshooting common issues, including routing, load sharing, and firewall problems.

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