Online Industrial Design Classes

Accredited online courses for industrial design provide students with knowledge in areas like model making, materials and manufacturing, drawing, design methods, and research. Once enrolled, students will strengthen their skills in observation, communication, visual orientation, and spatial perception.

Online Industrial Design Classes

The field focuses on improvements in design optimization, which benefit both the user and manufacturer of the products in hand. This might include refinements in aesthetics, ergonomics, brand development, production, marketability, or usability. Because it is a varied field, the study of industrial design prepares students for careers in areas like marketing, engineering, and product design.In particular, online classes in industrial design broach two broad categories: design and product marketability.

Knowledge Gained

Online courses offer a diverse curriculum that builds a strong knowledge base in the following key areas:

Model Construction

Model construction courses teach students about materials and their application. They will develop skills in machinery and project planning as well. Students should also expect to focus on subjects that include the fabrications of design models and prototypes, the different stationary machinery equipment used in model making, and digital technology.

Materials and Manufacturing

Courses in manufacturing will cover subjects like the properties of materials, their limitations, and the manufacturing processes best suited for production. Students will also learn about the importance of material composition.


Courses in drawing will teach students how to conceptualize and communicate ideas, which is an essential part of creating successful designs. The top online classes for industrial design will cover both manual and computer drawing methods. They will also guide students through the entire design process, from concept sketches to fully dimensioned illustrations.

Design Methods and Research

Research classes provide a better understanding of the design processes and practices. They teach students how to make the best decisions about designing products to grab the attention of the target audience. In addition, these classes will also show students how to evaluate the success of their previous designs.


While enrolled in accredited industrial design courses, students can take history courses that will articulate the gradual evolution of industrial design, which began in the early 20th century. These classes will explore the definitive styles and events that have shaped the industrialization of design over time.

Skills Developed

Enrolling in online classes will help students develop the following skills:


Students will learn the roles that observation and inquiry play during the innovate process. Courses will also explore the influence of consumer product observation, which often shapes product preferences and features.

Decision Making

Programs offer classes in judgment and decision making, which enhances the student's overall understanding of consumer behavioral patterns. Classes will address ways to determine product marketability and enhance brand marketing.


Once enrolled, students will be taught how communication modes shape the industrial design sector. Courses will focus on the way relationships contribute to research and aid the development of products.

Spatial Perception

Visual orientation and spatial perception are important elements that factor into product design. Students will learn about the relationship that shapes have to space and will practice manipulating that relationship to create visually appealing designs.

Critical Thinking

To strengthen and shape product design and marketing, students must learn how to think critically. Doing so will allow them to address the problems that may arise during the design process, and will aid them as they evaluate the success of previous designs.

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