Humanities Degree Programs

Humanities degree programs are often referred to as liberal arts degrees.

These degrees provide students with a general knowledge of humanity and their culture rather than a vocational, technical or scientific curriculum, which places greater emphasis on empirical knowledge and testing.

The scope of liberal arts studies is very wide. “The arts”, include music, drawing, interior design degrees, graphic design, performing, languages, writing, culinary arts courses etc. Also included are religion, philosophy, video game design degree, communication programs and others too numerous to mention.

Having that much choice is a great thing since college students interested in pursuing an arts and humanities education could more easily find majors that suit their talents. This would increase the likelihood of them being successful at their studies.

If you are a person that loves learning and debating perhaps a humanities education would suit you. Of course, there are other characteristics that make you a suitable candidate for entry into a humanities degree program.

If you feel that an education in arts and the humanities is not for you, a degree in the social sciences or in education could be the perfect alternative.

Many prospective university students feel that doing a degree in arts and the humanities is not as sexy as a degree in business or medicine. However, humanities courses and degrees offer many advantages both from an educational and career standpoint.

Academically, students who embark on a liberal arts education would gain a well-rounded multifaceted education. In some of the courses, abstract concepts have to be studied which helps students to develop tremendous problem solving and reasoning abilities.

Furthermore, students engage in numerous debates and research, resulting in them developing excellent oral and written communication skills.

From a career standpoint, the potential of a liberal arts graduate is very promising. This is because many of the skills and disciplines gained from a liberal arts education can easily be transferred into other professions. Hence to many employers, these graduates are very attractive.

Here is a detailed list of skills that graduates of humanities degree programs possess:

* strong written, literacy and oral skills

* strong logic, reasoning and problem-solving abilities

* ability to analyze abstract concepts and present them in a way that is easy for others to understand

* great individual thinkers who are at comfortable working in a team or solo

* an appreciation and understanding of the arts, like classical music, paintings and literature and their effect on modern day society

* an awareness of the cultural differences between various societies and their own and what can be done to improve harmony and tolerance between them.

* the ability to engage in research and present findings in a logical manner

With such an impressive list of skills, a humanities graduate doesn’t need to restrict himself to the typical “humanities career”, which is, in academia doing teaching or research.

Many graduates who hold bachelors or master of arts degrees in liberal studies, eventually go on to pursue professional careers, like medicine, business or law to name a few.

Doing online liberal arts courses really a win-win situation. Firstly, it allows working people the opportunity to gain a very marketable qualification from the internet without the need to travel to a physical school.

Secondly, it gives people such a deep historical and cultural understanding of the world that they are able to offer workable solutions to many of society’s problems. The satisfaction that a graduate receives comes from making a huge difference in peoples’ lives is immeasurable.

Without a doubt, getting a bachelors or masters degree in the arts deserves your serious consideration.

If you decide to pursue this, you will have a large pool of potential employers ready to make use of your skills. Advertising companies and financial institutions are just a few employers who take on arts graduates and pay them quite well.

The average salary of arts graduates across various industries in the US, ranges from about $44,000 to $50,000 yearly. Depending on the particular job a graduate may earn much more. For instance, marketing managers with an MA earn around $77,000 yearly on average.