Online Human Resources Classes

Human resources is the study of how to recruit, evaluate, and retain employees in a professional setting. Courses in this subject will teach the skills to effectively recognize superior job applicants, carefully place employees in positions to enhance skill levels, and correctly respond to employee issues. Students will be able to help establish a positive working environment for a highly selective workforce.

Knowledge Gained

Students will learn important skills that are valuable everyday tools, such as:

Employee Relations

An effective HR manager is able to carefully maintain appropriate relations between employees at work. Courses should teach students how to create programs to avoid segregation in the workplace, manage conflict in nonviolent ways, and incorporate safeguards to allow employees to speak honestly about inappropriate behaviors.

Employee Benefit Plans

Students should learn the basic structures of dental, vision, and other health care benefits as well as the differences between the types of coverage and costs. Additionally, online courses should supply information on employee retirement options such as 401k plans and stockholder options.

Performance Management

The management and evaluation of employee performance is a large part of most jobs in this industry. Students will learn to create and perform employee evaluations, review and document inappropriate behaviors, and provide programs and benchmarks to promote individuals.

Workforce Development

Students will understand the importance of continuing to educate employees in the workforce. This part of HR training involves the maintenance and development of job competencies. It should include lessons on creating and identifying classes, workshops, and seminars that will motivate and educate.

Employment Law

Online classes should give students instruction on employment law, including possible legal actions among employees, unions, and employers. Employment law specifically covers worker's compensation, claims against employment practices by employees due to discrimination or safety and legal ramifications of federal and state regulatory changes by the Department of Labor.

Skills Developed

There are many skills learned by taking online human resources classes, which include:

Interpersonal Skills

A person studying HR will learn communications skills and techniques that are valuable to promoting a positive work environment. Some of these skills include active listening, reflective questioning, and conflict management.

Written and Verbal Communication

The art of communicating through written and spoken language is vital to a human resource manager. These skills will allow the student to understand employee complaints, mediate between employees and employers, and to make significant changes to policies that are not fully inclusive or multicultural.

Active Listening

Students should learn to master the concepts of rephrasing, nonverbal attentiveness, and using clarifying questions to make employees feel that they are being heard.


Relevant courses should provide strategies for honing the skill of observation through taking notes, behavior documentation, and informal reflection. Training will allow the student to identify possible negative interactions between employees and employers, and may provide the documentation to promote employees based on positive behaviors.

Problem Solving

One of the key concepts HR professionals need to understand is the skill of solving problems between people. Being able to mediate fairly, without the interference of personal bias, is a skill students will learn while enrolled in online classes.

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