Online Hotel Management Classes

This field of study involves all of the responsibilities of supervising in the hospitality industry. Courses focus on efficient, effective, productive, and profitable hotel operations oversight. Most programs will cover all aspects of the industry, including managerial duties, hotel development, organizational strategy, and human resources.

Knowledge Gained

Students can expect to gain knowledge in the following areas:

Accounting and Finance

Most programs devote entire units to accounting, which involves recording, preparing, interpreting, and reporting on financial transactions and financial statements. Some courses also cover accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Business Statistics

Courses in this subject will teach students how to collect and track information and apply statistical models to interpret and use as indicators of financial trends.

Hotel Operations

In these classes, students will learn to manage all aspects of a hotel, including the front desk, food service, housekeeping, and other divisions such as engineering, security, and human resources.

Restaurant and Food Services

These classes will cover the food and beverage service division, which is a major selling point for hotel success. Students can expect to gain knowledge in developing, opening, buying, product control, wait staff, food preparation, staff relations, food and beverage standards, and inspections.


Courses in marketing will teach students how to create an effective, profitable hospitality organization. Students can expect to study theory, process, principles, standards, and objectives that all point to effectively branding the organization to help increase sales.

Skills Developed

Students can also expect to gain valuable skills particular to the hospitality industry, including:

Interpersonal Skills

Students will develop the signature skill of customer relations, which involves top notch interpersonal skills. Students will learn the proper attitude and manners to effectively lead teams to serve and satisfy customers.

Verbal and Written Communication

Students will learn how to effectively communicate with others, which is an essential part of working in management. Students will be taught the best way to communicate training processes, expectations of employees, and gratefulness for a guest's business.

Active Listening

Students will learn receptive listening skills, which involves attentiveness and patience. Students will be taught how to listen with empathy and gather facts by paying attention to key details.


Students will be taught the importance of remaining aware of the surrounding environment. The classes will teach students to identify trends in customer buying behavior and to take into account the long and short term outlook of the organization based on observations.

Problem Solving

Students will practice trouble shooting skills by finding complex solutions for difficult problems. Students will apply these skills in capacity planning, scheduling, controlling costs, and satisfying customers.

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