Online Hospitality Classes

Courses are designed to teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a hotel or food service business in the tourism industry. Core topics include accounting, marketing, and human resources management. Most programs also provide tourism-related knowledge and skills including communication, cultural awareness, safety, security, food service, cleaning, and sanitation.

Knowledge Gained

Students will gain knowledge that is useful in tourism and other industries, including:

Accounting and Finance

Classes that focus on accounting and finance teach essential knowledge about recording the transactions involved in operating a business, as well as reading and analyzing financial statements in order to make good business decisions. Both traditional and online classes cover economics, investments, markets, mergers and acquisitions, taxation and audits.


Courses in marketing provide knowledge of hotel amenities, public relations, target markets, event hosting, and publicity. These courses also help students seeking online college degrees understand the differences among types of hotels and motels, the best advertising methods, the importance of occupancy rates, and how to conduct market research.

Business Statistics

Many programs include classes on business statistics that teach students how to use quantitative data analysis tools in order to make informed business decisions. Common topics include sampling methods, covariance and correlation, probability, regression modeling, optimization modeling, decision trees, and business forecasting.

Hotel Operations

Hotels are a major part of the hospitality industry so students should expect to take classes that focus on hotel operations, which introduce students to the legal issues, organizational behavior patterns, consumer needs, and equipment of the tourism and accommodation industries. Top programs provide knowledge of food production, beverages, kitchen operation and sanitation, restaurant and housekeeping equipment, front office operations, reservation forecasting, and hotel rating systems.

Restaurant and Food Services

Courses online in restaurant and food services provide knowledge of food service management, nutrition, purchasing, consumer behavior, customer service, sales, marketing, and operations. These classes teach students about catering, menu planning, beverage sales, food quality and safety, and cost control.

Skills Developed

Students in relevant online courses typically develop the following skills:

Interpersonal Skills

Studying hospitality teaches students the skills necessary for interacting with customers and staff from other cultures. Appropriate greetings and tone, friendly demeanor, the ability to listen and communicate respect, cooperation, and conflict resolution skills are very important in service-based professions.

Verbal Communication

Class discussions often help students learn to transmit their ideas clearly when speaking to others and to interpret the meaning of spoken words. These skills are important given the diversity of staff and clientele in the tourism industry.

Active Listening

Active listening is a skill necessary to understand and clarify the concerns and requests of guests and staff. Specific active listening skills include paraphrasing messages to clarify meaning, maintaining eye contact, and displaying empathy.


Gathering firsthand information using all the senses is a fundamental learning skill students will acquire, helping them identify the most important sensory information so they can quickly make good management and safety decisions.

Judgment and Decision Making

Through their coursework, students typically develop the ability to think and behave independently. Important aspects of decision making in this industry include establishing context, negotiating, utilizing the knowledge of team members, verifying information quality, understanding uncertainty, and predicting consequences.

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