Online Healthcare Classes

Healthcare is one of the largest professional fields in the United States, offering career opportunities to students at multiple points throughout their educational journey. Whether planning to become a nurse, a medical technician or a doctor, students will gain valuable skills and extensive knowledge that will allow them to interact with and treat patients.

Knowledge Gained

Students will be exposed to the fundamental principles of the following areas:


Chemistry focuses on how different forms of matter interact and combine with each other. Students studying chemistry learn about the properties of elements, molecules and energy, as well as how they bond through chemical reactions to form new substances.


Online classes in biology discuss the many processes that allow living organisms to exist and grow on planet Earth. A study of biology ranges from understanding the smallest units of life, known as cells, to grasping large-scale concepts such as evolution and natural ecology.


The study of psychology sheds light on the concepts behind how the human mind works. Psychology courses address numerous subjects including mental health, group behavior, relationships and child development.


Anatomy is the science of identifying and naming the many parts of the body, including the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. Anatomy employs an extensive vocabulary drawn from Greek and Latin that allows healthcare professionals across the globe to share a common language for discussing biological processes and illnesses.

Medical Ethics

Medical ethics refers to the morals and beliefs that guide both patient treatment and professional demeanor. Ethics coursework in online colleges and universities often concerns matters such as communicating with patients, maintaining privacy, respecting cultural differences and a professional duty to the law.

Skills Developed

Students also develop essential skills in these key areas:

Active Listening

Students will develop skills in active listening that enable students to demonstrate their comprehension of a conversation by paraphrasing what they are told. Active listening, which also includes paying attention to body language, is especially important for building good relationships with patients because it conveys compassion and understanding.


Observation is a vital technique that allows healthcare professionals to identify negative symptoms and risk factors in patients. Students will learn which non-verbal signs to look for when they are communicating with patients and recording their medical histories.

Judgment and Decision-Making

Healthcare professionals must demonstrate sound judgment on a daily basis when deciding on treatment protocols and in the course of patient interaction. Experience in decision-making is especially crucial when patient outcomes and cost issues are interrelated.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Students will exercise critical thinking skills by assessing patients to minimize incorrect treatments. This form of analysis, which includes learning how to interpret symptoms and medical histories, allows professionals to practice preventative care and diagnose asymptotic conditions during routine physicals.

Social Perceptiveness

Social perceptiveness refers to the ability to understand others through their speech and behaviors. Students will learn how to identify a patient's symptoms from their body language, speech, tone of voice, facial expressions and group interactions.

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