Online Healthcare Management Classes

An online program in this field will focus on planning, directing, and coordinating medical and health services, including managing facilities and physicians. Programs in this field prepare students to become supervisors in medical facilities, clinics, and managed care businesses. Students study human resources, administration, and financial and legal aspects of healthcare. The field helps students learn about good business practices, medical terminology, diseases, and treatment.

Knowledge Gained

Students who are interested in this field of should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas, including:


Students will learn how to manage cash flow and calculate and predict risks, benefits, and costs for hospitals, clinics, and managed care plans.

Management and Administration

Classes will emphasize the theories of human resource management and good organizational behavior to help students develop leadership abilities. Students in these courses will learn personnel theory, methodology, planning techniques, and performance evaluation and improvement strategies.

Legal Aspects

Legal and ethical standards are a main focus in this field, and classes make students aware of this by teaching healthcare and employment laws. Courses in the legal aspects of healthcare management will take law, ethics, and bioethics into consideration as foundations for managers to make informed decisions.

Medical Terminology

Classes will teach students how to use appropriate clinical and technical vocabulary by explaining medical terminology and meaning. Students will learn prefixes, root words, and suffixes that make up the medical jargon used in the field.


Students in epidemiology classes gain a detailed understanding of the global history, proven treatment, and prevention strategies for various diseases.

Skills Developed

Courses provide students with many important skills, such as:


Students learn effective office procedures necessary to maintain an organized environment. Students will find out how to keep accurate patient records, create schedules, perform office management duties, and communicate effectively with other employees and businesses.

Computer Skills

Students will learn to use computer programs for patient record keeping, transcription, and administrative tasks. Students may also work with software to manage medical claim coding, payment processing, and reimbursing medical insurance claims.


This field uses business math and accounting skills to support financial operations of clinics, insurance companies, and hospitals. Students will work with fractions, decimals, equations, statistics, percentages, and other number skills used to generate accurate business calculations and projections.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students will become prepared to evaluate the legal and ethical factors involved in medical decision making. When taking online classes, students should expect to learn key decision making skills by working with project deadlines, assessing output from team members, and managing time appropriately to avoid conflict.

Project Management

Courses that are devoted to project management will help students develop abilities in planning, progress tracking, and project evaluation. Students will practice organizational techniques when working on projects while also setting communication standards and relaying progress to other team members.

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