Online Healthcare Administration Classes

The study of healthcare administration teaches students to develop the leadership skills and knowledge needed to become a healthcare administrator or executive. Students taking healthcare administration courses will gain an understanding of core medical subjects while also focusing on the financial, legal and administrative aspects of healthcare management. This education prepares students for a career working with healthcare professionals and the public.

Knowledge Gained

Students taking online classes for healthcare administration will gain a diversity of knowledge, including:


Accredited online courses in healthcare administration offer classes in finance that will prepare students for the challenges of the healthcare business. Healthcare finance includes analyzing monetary trends in healthcare, financial planning, accounting and business ethics.

Management and Administration

A core focus of accredited healthcare administration online courses is teaching students how to manage and administrate healthcare organizations or projects. Students can expect to learn how to plan, direct, monitor and evaluate healthcare related projects and learn the skills to become an effective project manager.

Legal Aspects

Healthcare administration courses online provide students with extensive study of legal systems and how they pertain to the healthcare industry. Students will become familiarized with topics like government regulations, corporate liability, malpractice, privacy and health insurance law.

Medical Terminology

Students enrolled in online courses for healthcare administration will learn the complex language of medical terminology to better communicate with doctors, medical professionals and clients. Accredited online courses in healthcare administration give students a strong background in human anatomy, medical vocabulary and technical language.


Students learn epidemiology and other health related patterns that allow administrators to assess the scope, range and focus of projects or health issues. The best online classes in healthcare administration will provide classes that teach students public health surveillance, tracking outbreaks and assessing community health.

Skills Developed

Top online healthcare administration classes provide students with a number of important skills, such as:

Computer Skills

Healthcare administration classes online have a strong technology component that encourages students to improve computer proficiency when working with contemporary issues in healthcare. By learning proficient computer skills, students can manage large projects and remain connected to the latest healthcare information and trends.


Students taking online courses in healthcare administration learn solid clerical practices that can translate to organizing specific projects and day to day administration. Students use programs like spreadsheets and learn effective electronic communication practices and task management tools that can help maintain organization.


Online classes in healthcare administration cover many topics related to math so students can improve analytical skills and problem solving. Online college degrees in healthcare administration will help students become skilled in statistical analysis, accounting and financial management related to healthcare.

Project Management

Students taking online classes for healthcare administration receive specific training to oversee projects and manage teams of healthcare professionals. By analyzing case studies and directing projects for classes, students will get practical experience implementing projects from beginning to end.

Judgment and Decision Making

Online healthcare administration classes prepare students to follow good judgment based on knowledge and experience and make informed management decisions. Healthcare administration online classes highlight these skills with management assignments, teaching the ethics of healthcare and working as part of a team.

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