Online Health Science Classes

Health science refers to a broad spectrum of academic majors leading to careers in the health care industry. Accredited online classes prepare students for technical vocations such as phlebotomist, cardiovascular technician, x ray technologist, nursing assistant or healthcare administrator. Health-related and medical professions requiring advanced study include doctor, physical therapist, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner.

Knowledge Gained

Students will become familiar with the following subject areas:


Chemistry is the study of matter, energy and reactions and is a core subject for those considering later enrolling in medical school. Students studying chemistry classes online will cover a range of sub-topics like atomic theory, stoichiometry, gas laws and phase changes, acid-base reactions and nuclear chemistry.


Biology is the scientific study of life, encompassing topics such as genetics and DNA, evolution, ecology and anatomy. The study of biology helps students understand a large volume of complex processes and interactions that form the building blocks of plant, human and animal life.


Online college classes in psychology explore the mental processes responsible for human behavior and introduce students to the workings of the human mind. Basic study of a broad range of subtopics including abnormal psychology, social psychology and behavioral psychology will prepare students for interacting with the public, even if they will be pursuing non-clinical occupations within the medical field.

Medical Ethics

Students who are interested in careers in the health care industry must become acquainted with the ethical dimension of issues that routinely confront practitioners and administrators alike. Students will explore and debate such controversial issues as euthanasia, abortion, stem cell research, and organ donation.

Rehabilitation Science

Rehabilitation science offers instruction in speech and language therapy, counseling, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Students will also be coached in alternative forms of healing that support patient recovery after injuries, surgery or ongoing medical conditions like Parkinson's Disease.

Skills Gained

Courses will cultivate the following personal skills:

Active Listening

While doctors and therapists begin their diagnosis process by questioning patients about their symptoms, the sick or injured are often unable to clearly articulate their health issues. Health care professionals must learn to gauge body language, maintain proper eye contact, and carefully process the meaning of a message before reacting to the patient.


Expert health care professionals recognize that an intake of a patient's non-verbal cues can lead to a diagnosis. By learning scientific diagnostic techniques in accredited, health care professionals can often identify medical conditions and causes by observing physical symptoms like rashes, fractures, or abnormal blood test results as they take medical histories.

Judgment and Decision-Making

Students will acquire in-depth knowledge to address the scientific basis for injury, while also providing an ethical framework for their decision making process. Students will leverage this training to exercise sound judgment in the course of investigating treatment outcomes, analyzing patient population data and in recommending proposals and protocols.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Students will develop skills of critical thinking and analysis as they attempt to resolve problems that are either administrative or patient-based. By understanding the systems that govern both individuals as well as their environment, students will be able to create solutions that are transformative and have a lasting impact.

Social Perceptiveness

Courses recognize that students must be prepared for patients or peers who are unable or unwilling to express themselves clearly. Social perceptiveness requires observing body language, speech, tone of voice, facial expressions, and group interactions.

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