Online Health Information Management Classes

Accredited health information management courses concentrate on developing students' knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, healthcare law, biostatistics, and medical databases. Students also improve their skills in computers, math, written communication, and spreadsheet applications, as well as their clerical skills.

Online Health Information Management Classes

Classes instruct students to gather and organize specific patient medical records in order to build innovative and intuitive healthcare databases. Students in this field compile various personal health records in order to better identify diseases, provide customized care for individual patients, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of hospitals across the country.

Knowledge Gained

Students will expand their knowledge in the following areas:

Medical Terminology

Students must learn the medical terminology used for the organs and physiological systems of the body while in school. Understanding the varied pronunciations and abbreviations associated with human anatomy helps students comprehend medical reports and organize patients' medical histories in a database.

Anatomy and Physiology

Online courses help students become well-versed in human physiology and how the body's anatomical systems work together. In their classes, students must examine the functions of each organ system so they can quickly diagnose a patient based on their symptoms.

Healthcare Law

Since many healthcare professionals handle legally sensitive records, it's important that students in this field understand the legal issues that the industry faces. Students learn about the history of health law, state and federation health regulations, and the various civil and criminal liabilities for healthcare providers.


Accredited programs teach students to track public health trends by examining medical data. Students use biostatistics to analyze public health data by tracking the frequency of terminal illness by community and tracing the health of infants by generation, for example.


Through their coursework, students will familiarize themselves with categorizing statistics in health information databases. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the varied interfaces of health databases so they can easily research and present healthcare data.

Skills Developed

Online classes are also designed to develop students' skills in these areas:

Computer Skills

The health industry requires computer literacy to conduct personnel scheduling, manage patient billing, and keep track of changes to medical practice laws. Students learn how to code and classify various diseases, health care procedures, and patient records into detailed databases.

Clerical Skills

Developing a clerical skill set will enable students to record and organize medical data from patient samples. Students taking online classes learn to categorize large amounts of paperwork and other data to further statistical research.


Many relevant online courses develop students' math skills, enabling them to draw conclusions about public health from data. Statistics from patient records are used to create reliable systems providing for accurate, timely clinical data.

Written Communication

Students will learn how clearly written communication can boost the efficiency and financial stability of a hospital while cutting down on its legal liability. Prospective health information managers are taught how to draft budgets and performance reports for governing boards and write personnel memos that highlight changes to federal and state health laws.

Spreadsheet Applications

Efficiently categorizing medical data using spreadsheet applications is an important skill that students should pick up through their coursework. Students familiarize themselves with the technical interface of spreadsheet applications to manage work schedules, calculate patient fees, and track the number of bed vacancies.

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