Health Informatics Degree – Strong Demand – High Salary

Get An Online Health Informatics Degree

And Be In Great Demand

Obtaining a health informatics degree (otherwise called medical informatics) is a fantastic way to get into the health care industry. This industry is the fastest growing one in America and there are vast job opportunities available.

This area is extremely important to the efficiency and survival of the health care industry. Its main goal is to orderly maintain patient records. Without this, the health care system would collapse. This is why the health informatics specialist is in such high demand.

An online health informatics degree is computer science and information science for the health care industry. It trains you in the technologies and methodologies required to properly acquire, store and retrieve medical information as well as how to to design medical record keeping systems.

The curriculum includes a thorough grounding in core science courses, computer science, data integrity, database management and information security. There are also courses that give you a knowledge of clinical documentation, coding and classification systems, health law and medical terminologies.

To complete the bachelors program, usually you’ll need to do a project or thesis before graduation.

The bachelor of science in medical informatics program is best suited to those who are already in the health care industry and have an interest in IT or those who have an interest in IT and want to get into the health care industry.

There is also a certificate program available, if you’re not inclined to spend at least 4 years getting a bachelors degree. It will give you a good overview of the subject.

The masters of science in health care informatics is designed to go beyond showing students how to use computers as tools for record keeping. It is also designed to enhance students’ analytic, decision-making, implementation and research capabilities, in order to prepare them for mid-high level management positions.

Some programs allow students to specialize in particular areas of medical informatics. Area such as bioinformatics, clinical informatics, public health informatics, organizational and social informatics are quite popular with students.

Graduates with an online degree in health informatics work in a variety of places. For example, home health care services, hospitals, insurance companies, research labs and private doctors’ offices. They occupy positions as consultants, data quality managers, patient information coordinators, record technician specialists and others.

This is a career that entrusts you with a huge amount of responsibility. If you plan on getting into it, make sure that you are meticulous, have a passion to serve people, can handle pressure and love computers.

Rest assured that health informatics jobs pay fairly well and in many cases, handsomely. Your salary of course would depend on your education level, experience and geographic location.

According to the the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the average yearly salary for entry level medical records and health information management specialists in 2008 was $48,000. With time and experience, you can earn more.

It won’t do any harm to find out if a medical informatics degree is a fit for you.