Online Gunsmithing Classes

Top online gunsmithing courses cover the numerous concepts of gunsmithing, teaching students how to build, repair, and maintain a variety of firearms. Students will learn about and gain the necessary skills in metallurgy, gun repair, firearm assembly, making stocks, checkering, polishing, filing, hacksawing, gauging, and bluing firearms.

Online Gunsmithing Classes

The study of gunsmithing involves learning how to assemble, repair, restore, and customize the various components of firearms. Courses cover the essentials of firearms, such as routine maintenance, types of firearms, and function testing. In addition, students receive training on artisanal gun work, including restoring antique firearms, customizing ammunition loading, designing and installing rifle sights, and fitting and finishing stocks and mounts.

Knowledge Gained

Gunsmithing courses online will provide students with knowledge vital to a successful career by covering the following topics:


Metallurgy courses focus on the physical and chemical properties of metals and alloys. These classes also cover the practical application of these concepts in welding, soldering, brazing, and heat treating.

Gun Repair

Gunsmiths must learn various methods of gun repair for different firearms according to blueprints or customer specifications. In gun repair classes, students learn how to use specialized tools and machines to fix damaged components, interpret manufacturer blueprints and specifications, and ensure the firearm is back in safe firing condition.

Firearm Assembly

Online classes for firearm assembly teach students the processes and best practices of building a safely-functioning gun. Students learn how to clean and oil parts, fit custom aftermarket components, and test various types of firearms, with a strong emphasis on safety.

Making Stocks

These classes teach students how to build and customize firearm stocks. These courses teach students how to work with wood and metal to shape, finish and install hardware on a custom stock to be fit onto a gun.


Checkering classes teach students how etch small patterns into the stock of a firearm to provide both grip and aesthetic appeal. Students learn how to use special cutters and power tools to execute different checkering techniques.

Skills Developed

Accredited online gunsmithing classes allow students to develop skills in the following areas:

Gun Polishing

Gun polishing is not only important for aesthetic purposes, it also improves the performance of the metal components in a firearm. Through metallurgy and firearm assembly courses, students learn the different methods of gun polishing using hand tools and machinery.


Being able to use different hand files to grind down the moving parts of firearms to decrease friction and improve fit is an important skill for a gunsmith. Gun repair courses teach students the best methods for choosing files and carefully using them without damaging parts.


Hacksaws are used by gunsmiths to adjust the length of firearm barrels. Students learn methods for using hacksaws, as well as the effects hacksawing has on the performance and safety of a firearm.


Gauging is the adjustment of the diameter of a firearm barrel. Students will learn different gauging techniques using various hand tools, and the precision needed to maximize performance depending on desired results.

Bluing Firearms

Bluing courses emphasize using different chemicals and techniques to protect the steel of a firearm from rust damage. Students will learn various hot and cold methods of bluing, emphasizing an increased attention to detail that is necessary for proper gun maintenance.

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