Online Graphic Design Classes

Online courses in graphic design provide students with an excellent foundation in the principles of typography, color, composition, illustration and photography. In these classes, students will master skills in computers, communication, creative thinking, social media, and project management.

Online Graphic Design Classes

Designers bring artistic sensibility to businesses by using visual techniques to communicate messages. By learning how to employ a combination of illustration, layout, and composition to effectively catch a consumer's eye, students become experts in image creation. Magazines, media companies, advertising firms, and other organizations frequently employ graphic designers.

Knowledge Gained

Online classes will provide students with knowledge in many areas, including:


Typography courses teach the art of arranging letters and words to communicate a message in the most effective way possible. Enrolled students learn how to select font type, font size, spacing, and line length to create stunning visual work.


As part of their education, students develop a solid understanding of how color is used to make a strong impact and capture the viewer's attention. A graphic designer's ability to choose the right color combination with the appropriate brightness and hue can make or break the final product.


Composition refers to the big-picture thinking that guides how a graphic designer arranges various elements in any given work. Students will learn how to choose which images and text to include in their products, distinguish foreground from background, and organize the overall work.


Top graphic design courses online emphasize students' knowledge of illustration, which is the art of crafting a visual image from scratch. By studying various methods including drawing, painting, and photography, students will hone their skills in artistic creation.


An increasingly important component of graphic design, photography teaches students how to effectively use captured images to convey a message. To become proficient photographers, students will study the implementation of light, contrast, and coloring.

Skills Developed

Classes also nurture valuable skills in the following areas:


Students will develop proficiency in a variety of computer programs and functions. In particular, they will master Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


At the heart of graphic design is the communication of messages through visual means. Knowing the best methods for catching the public's attention and creating memorable images is an important part of the curriculum.

Creative Thinking

A graphic designer must be a creative thinker who can come up with unique ways of solving visual problems. Through their classes, students gain experience in tackling such problems by creating a diverse portfolio of work in advertising, marketing, branding, and logo design.

Social Media

Using social media to reach large audiences has become a standard part of a graphic designer's work. Online colleges and universities increasingly emphasize how artists can apply their skills to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Project Management

Graphic design students will acquire the organizational skills that are necessary to produce a product from start to finish. Key project management skills include budgeting time, collaborating with teammates, and optimizing resources.

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