Online Gerontology Classes

The subject of gerontology prepares students to play a vital role in the caretaking of the elderly. Students in these courses learn the fundamental principles and proper techniques to create, execute and evaluate age-appropriate content for adults over the age of 65. Gerontology students are also taught the administrative and leadership skills needed to function in today's elder care system.

Online Gerontology Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students taking online courses for gerontology should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas including:

Aging Issues

Top gerontology online courses focused on aging issues give students perspective on many basic factors involved in the onset of later years. Biology, psychology, sociology, and policies of aging are examples of areas studied in these courses.

Elder Care

Elder care courses focus on the study of the subjects necessary to maintain the best quality of life for those in their later years. In these gerontology courses online students learn about the promotion of healthy lifestyles, diseases and disorders of aging as well as issues affecting normal functions.

Social Policy

Online classes for gerontology majors focused on social policy teach students about the history and current state of legislation concerning eldercare. Topics include the social, political and economic issues concerning the aging of society and key legislative programs created for older adults.

Managing Disorders in Elders

The best gerontology online classes teach students to recognize the risk factors, symptoms and treatment of the various conditions commonly associated with aging. Alzheimer's disease, dementia, mobility issues and incontinence are among topics covered in these courses.

Models for Successful Aging

Students of gerontology learn approaches to examining the quality of experience in adulthood and later life. These models cover research on gender, culture, coping with illness and disability as well as work, leisure and family histories.

Online Psychology Courses - Skills Developed

Accredited online gerontology classes also help students to develop essential skills in the following areas:

Critical Thinking and Analysis

While taking online gerontology classes, students can expect to gain the skills necessary to examine different points of view and form their own perspectives. Students will learn to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and tradeoffs inherent in current eldercare practices and policies.

Professional Issues

Accredited online courses in gerontology teach students how to understand and work within the administrative environment of eldercare. Among the aspects covered are identifying trends in the evolution of the gerontology field, improving current policies regarding eldercare, establishing a network of related professionals and organizations and improving communication with peers.

Judgment and Decision Making

Online colleges and universities for gerontology teach students how to hone their judgment to make the most responsible and appropriate decisions for elderly adults in their care. Subjects of these courses cover medication management, elderly physiology, emotional and mental development and maintenance of life throughout the later years.

Problem Solving

In accredited online classes in gerontology, students receive training to improve their resourcefulness in solving problems. These courses address common eldercare issues such as the fear of dying, administrative entanglements, medical complications and personality conflicts.

Social Perceptiveness

As students progress through gerontology classes online, they sharpen their social awareness to be sympathetic to those in their later years. Topics may include retirement, civic engagements, group social outings and the impact of the baby boomer generation joining the ranks of the elderly.

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