Online Game Development Classes

Game development courses give students insight into many areas of game development, including computer programming, data structures, drawing, storyboard animation and artificial intelligence. Top online classes will also supply students with skills like judgment and decision making, critical thinking and analysis, computer skills, visual orientation and spatial analysis and troubleshooting.

Online Game Development Classes

Game development combines computer programming with visual art to create console or PC-based video games. Students are exposed to programming languages, unique ways to order information, and the opportunity to explore 2D and 3D design. By combining these different areas of interest students can learn how to create exciting new games for public use.

Knowledge Gained

Students may gain knowledge in the following areas:

Computer Programming

Courses emphasize programming so students can turn creative ideas into working computer programs. Games are written in a variety of languages that students can learn about, including C++ and APIs for different operating systems.

Data Structures

Understanding data structures give students the ability to organize data and programs to create an efficient and successful game. Accredited online courses offer classes in data structures where students use programming knowledge to manage the large amounts of information needed to create a working game.


Modern games have a strong visual element, so students will hone drafting and 2D drawing skills by creating graphics to accompany gameplay. By learning art history, life drawing, and conducting animal and plant studies, students are prepared to apply real world visuals to designing virtual environments for games.

Storyboard Animation

Learning how to tell a story in 2D before converting it to the 3D world of video games is an important aspect of online courses for game development. A storyboard animation course gives students the opportunity to master traditional animation techniques by hand, including weight, proportion, shadow, and movement before using these in computer animation.

Artificial Intelligence

Students learn to create realistic and challenging games by controlling gameplay and character behavior through artificial intelligence. An artificial intelligence course may show how to make characters more intelligent by using various techniques for smart searching, decision making, and character learning.

Skills Developed

Classes provide students with many important skills, such as:

Judgment and Decision Making

Courses ask students to make many decisions and use good judgment to create powerful computer programs. By studying computer languages, artificial intelligence, and visual design, students decide how to use these components to develop high-quality games.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Students learn how to think with a critical eye and analyze details necessary to create enjoyable games for users. This program challenges students to use practical knowledge to overcome obstacles while developing a game from start to finish.

Computer Skills

Courses encourage students to develop advanced computer skills. By studying programming languages and learning about computer hardware and software, students develop the skills necessary to navigate complex programs for game development.

Visual Orientation and Spatial Analysis

In the course of their studies students develop the skills needed to make realistic, interactive environments for games. Students learn to sketch and draw, model in 3D and animate in order to create an exciting game experience.


Students learn to solve problems quickly by assessing and addressing coding errors. Game development classes teach students programming languages and information management to help solve problems that will make the user experience enjoyable.

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