Online Forensic Nursing Classes

The study of forensic nursing is centered on the application of nursing science to public or legal proceedings. Students learn to conduct trauma assessments, collect and document forensic research and observe people for signs of abuse or neglect. Frequently, forensic nurses collaborate with other health care professionals, criminologists and members of the justice system to assist with investigations involving physical abuse and bodily harm.

Knowledge Gained

Online courses focus on specific areas within the nursing field including:


Future nurses learn caregiving skills for both the patient and the perpetrator, but they must also explore where the nursing practice overlaps with the legal system. Sexual assault, death investigations, and abuse cases are a few areas where forensic nursing roles are explored.


Law courses emphasize evidence collection and how it relates to legal proceedings. Critical factors in determining the outcomes of cases such as forensic photography, documentation, evidence collection, and preserving evidence are included in the course of study.

Theories of Knowledge

Students can expect to further develop the foundations of nursing theory, caring for patients, and monitoring their vital signs. Students learn to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing theory as it applies to research, administration, and education.

Patient Assessment

Students will gain in-depth knowledge of advanced trauma assessments across a patient's lifespan. Students learn to assess the difference between intentional and unintentional injuries, and will become familiar with the physiology of wounds and bruises.

Nursing Research

Nursing students examine research methods and designs in the health care industry. Students evaluate quantitative and qualitative research traditions and explore them through an independent scholarly research project.

Skills Developed

Students also develop skills in the following areas:


Students will deepen observation skills that are critical for monitoring a patient's condition and preventing it from getting worse. Students also learn to examine the body for physical trauma, analyze photographic evidence and observe family relationships for signs of abuse.

Judgment and Decision-Making

Students learn how to make critical decisions during disasters and prepare for local, regional, and federal emergencies. Students learn to function effectively during disasters, enact emergency procedures, and appropriately care for victims of trauma.


Students will come to understand the revised practices and regulations that govern patient information and record keeping. Changes in technology and personal communication necessitate that students learn how to appropriately input and streamline the documentation of patient information.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Classes prepare students for clinical decision making and discerning appropriate patient treatments. Using physical evidence as a basis, students learn to analyze and discern the type and origin of trauma that a patient suffers.

Social Perceptiveness

Online college degree programs in forensic nursing explore social issues such as family violence and human abuse. Students discuss the legal aspects of reporting suspected cases of abuse along with social and cultural values, victimology and intervention programs.

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