Online Finance Classes

The best finance classes online will cover corporate finance, investments, securities, risk management and financial institutions. Students can expect to learn skills like math, critical analysis, accounting, clerical and judgment and decision making.

Online Finance Classes

The study of finance centers on how to manage personal and corporate monetary resources. The three main areas are: capital markets, financial instruments and banking. Courses focus on understanding risk to help make sound financial decisions. Online classes teach basic fundamentals and evolve into working with real world models, like portfolio management and structuring financial investments.

Knowledge Gained

Online courses will provide students with knowledge of the following key areas:

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance courses will give students the chance to learn about the tools and analysis businesses use to make monetary decisions. Students will review long term techniques, like capital investment, and short term decisions, like balancing assets and liabilities, to maximize shareholder value.


Courses provide students with the knowledge to identify and understand a variety of investment opportunities for financial gain. Learning about investments like stocks, funds and bonds will help students make solid financial choices.


Students will learn about negotiable financial instruments called securities while enrolled in accredited finance classes online. These courses will help students discover how to value securities in three different categories: debt, equity and derivative contracts.

Risk Management

Students can expect to be taught how to assess risk to determine potential outcomes of actions. Risk management involves mapping out strategies and analyzing potential outcomes to control or reduce corporate and individual financial risk.

Financial Institutions

Classes will teach students about "traditional" banking and the interaction between commercial banks and the real economy. Online classes should explain the roles of investment banks, private equity funds and new regulations.

Skills Developed

Students can develop skills in the following areas:


Online degree programs will teach students how to work with numbers and perform financial equations. Learning math skills will enable students to analyze financial documents and efficiently use financial tools.

Critical Analysis

The best courses teach students how to analyze financial documents by taking all factors into account before coming to a conclusion. By looking at market trends, the current economy and business history, students will be able to help make good financial decisions.

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