Online Film Classes

The study of film focuses on the history, theory, and production of cinema. Students will learn to analyze cinema and develop filmmaking skills. Courses will expose students to an array of movies, directors, and production styles. Students will gain an appreciation for the art of direction and will also learn production techniques in preparation for a career in film criticism or filmmaking.

Knowledge Gained

Students will gain knowledge in the following key areas:

Foreign Productions

In history classes that explore the different structures and trends of foreign film industries, students will study the various styles of foreign productions. Most classes will focus on major world cinemas including French, German, Russian and Japanese films. Students also learn to identify visual styles and production techniques that characterize various world cinemas.


Students learn the fundamentals of screenwriting by reading screenplays and developing their own projects from an original idea to a final draft. Courses will teach students the rules of screenwriting, including the three-act structure, foreshadowing, and classical narrative devices.


Students will also be exposed to documentaries, which depict nonfiction topics and often focus on historical events or personal stories. Students will learn the history of documentary film from early cinema to the present and will watch a variety of influential documentaries.

Modes of Filmmaking

In classes that examine contemporary and historical modes of production, students will learn how cinema is created. Students learn the traditional Hollywood style of filmmaking, as well as independent, low-budget, and experimental production techniques.

Script to Screen

College degree programs in film prepare students for a career in the industry through hands-on experience. Students develop their stories, draft screenplays and storyboard narratives. In these productions, students often have full control of casting, shooting, and editing their work.

Skills Developed

Students will also gain skills in the following areas:

Critical Analysis

Students will learn how to analyze cinema for its formal elements including shot length, camera angle, narrative structure, music, and acting styles. By understanding the decisions made by the director, students will be able to analyze the impact of those choices on the finished work.


Students will learn how to write about film in an academic manner and develop screenwriting skills to allow for the creation of their own dramatic works. Group projects and production courses allow students to develop professional and collaborative communication skills.

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