Online Fashion Classes

Accredited classes give students the necessary training for employment in the fashion industry, which may include a position as a fashion designer, pattern maker, fashion journalist and retail buyer. Students will learn the fundamental principles and techniques of design, construction, merchandizing and marketing while using the latest technology to create design collections and portfolios.

Knowledge Gained

Classes for fashion teach a comprehensive fashion curriculum that covers many topics, including:

Fashion Design

Online courses in fashion focused on fashion design teach students the techniques and processes of design for different genders, ages, sizes, functions and materials. Students learn how to identify essential design elements, apply visual research skills and develop, edit and balance a collection.

Textile and Materials

In online courses on textiles and materials, students are introduced to the variety of fabrics, fibers and materials used in the design of garments, accessories and home furnishings. Students gain understanding of the basic properties and potential design applications of different textiles, knitwear and other materials.

Pattern Making and Construction

Classes include coursework in pattern making and construction to teach students necessary skills for garment manufacturing. Students learn to draft and cut flat patterns, sew and finish designs by hand and machine and drape and tailor garments for different forms and functions.

Color Theory

Classes offer instruction in color theory, teaching students about color design principles and the best ways to translate colors into designs. Color theory classes discuss color psychology, color proportion and contrast as well as color trends and techniques used for visual emphasis and design unity.

Art and Fashion History

Typical fashion courses include art and fashion history classes to help students cultivate a strong understanding of historical design movements and techniques. Students explore historical and cultural ideas of style and beauty to guide and inspire contemporary fashion designs.

Skills Developed

Students can expect to learn an array of practical skills, such as:

Computer Skills

Computer skills are essential for students who aspire to work as designers in the contemporary fashion industry. Fashion students enrolled in college classes learn how to use the latest computer software to create drawings and sketches, make and alter patterns and present storyboards and portfolios.


Students in fashion classes acquire instruction in illustration to visually render designs onto the page or screen. Classes in illustration teach students how to draw figures on different templates, while computer coursework covers computer illustration techniques.

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