Online Fashion Merchandising Classes

Accredited online fashion merchandising classes teach students practical knowledge in marketing, retailing, economics, social science, and advertising. Students preparing to enter the fashion industry also gain applicable skills in verbal and written communication, social perceptiveness, judgment and decision making, time management, and math.

Online Fashion Merchandising Classes

The study of fashion merchandising helps students understand the practical, profitable, and social aspects of the fashion industry. Programs in the subject instruct students in the planning, distribution, and promotion of clothing and accessory lines in order to meet buyer and consumer demand. Students also study how to analyze, develop, and advance industry products and services.

Knowledge Gained

Students can expect to receive instruction in the following areas of concentration:


Marketing courses are important for teaching students how to most appropriately sell products to the fashion industry. The study of marketing specifically involves an industry-oriented approach that includes the planning, production, and promotion of products and collections.


The study of retailing involves assessing current markets and trends in today's fashion industry. It includes an emphasis on buyer and consumer needs, which influence the design, planning, development, and use of products in the marketplace.


Studying economics in relation to the fashion industry helps students learn to analyze the creation, distribution, and use of products in order to effectively recognize and solve sales problems. Students learn how to analyze and define target markets and design products that resonate with those markets.

Social Science

Students learn through social science classes that societal and human behavior largely determine fashion trends. Studying social science allows students to better analyze how these social norms impact the way products are designed and sold to the public.


Typical coursework helps students develop an understanding of how advertising and public relations create consumer awareness and consumption of products in the fashion industry. Analysis of market trends, including buyer, consumer and public relations needs, help students learn effective promotion techniques.

Skills Developed

Fashion merchandising students can expect to develop the following skills:

Verbal and Written Communication

The best online classes teach students verbal and written communication skills that are critical to public relations and general promotion of products and collections. Instruction combines writing clear, concise pieces with effective verbal techniques that promote both product design and practical use.

Social Perceptiveness

Analysis of buyer and consumer market trends, such as fashion fads and needs within different age groups, is taught in many classes. Based on the assessment of trends within demographics, students learn how to develop and produce appropriate clothing and accessories for each segment of the buying population.

Judgment and Decision Making

Most online courses help students refine their judgment in order to appeal to the current fashion market with attractive products, designs, and collections. Students learn how to determine which designs and products will be most successful in the marketplace and easiest to promote through advertising and public relations.

Time Management

Teaching students effective time management skills is critical to succeeding in this industry. Given the multiple stages in designing a clothing or accessory line, effective time management is essential to completing projects on schedule, particularly if the line is seasonal or has other time constraints.


Fashion merchandising online classes teach students math skills that enable them to effectively analyze consumption within the fashion industry in terms of dollars and cents. Math also factors heavily in weighing the costs of development, public relations, and advertising against gross product sales in order to determine the most effective economic practices.

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