Online Fashion Marketing Classes

In fashion marketing courses, students will learn marketing management, retailing, branding, textiles, and design. The best courses also teach students the skills needed for a successful career in the field, such as computer aided design, communication, observation, social perceptiveness, and judgment and decision making.

Online Fashion Marketing Classes

This major centers on exploring the relationships between design, merchandising, and promotion in the fashion industry. New exposure to the fashion world has created a demand for these kinds of programs, particularly online classes. These courses help students understand how sustainability and social media impact emerging markets, while also giving them practical design and technical skills.

Knowledge Gained

Students can expect to gain a practical understanding of the following components:

Marketing Management

One topic students cover through their coursework is marketing management, which focuses on presenting the product to the marketplace. It includes ways to reach a targeted audience, from business administration to analyzing market needs and how they fit into the current fashion industry.


Online classes introduce knowledge of retailing, which is the act of getting the product from production to the market. This includes pitching products to physical retail locations such as department stores, as well as how to address the e-commerce and Internet marketplaces.


Branding is the art of creating a recognizable image for a product. Students will learn to create a unique image for a product and also develop a successful marketing plan using that image.


Textiles are the physical components to fashion design. In their courses, students will study different types of fabrics such as velvet, denim, jersey and others, as well as elements like beadwork, rhinestones, sequins and other embellishments.


Design is the most fundamental and overarching knowledge taught in any fashion program. In design courses, students will sketch product designs, consider patterns, select fabrics and other embellishments, and learn all other aspects of composing a product.

Skills Developed

Students can expect to learn and develop the following skills and assets:

Computer Aided Design

Also known as CAD, computer aided design is a skill taught in the fashion industry, as well as many other design fields. Computer aided design allows students to develop and refine strategies, designs, and ideas efficiently by using computer programs such as Photoshop.


The ability to effectively and successfully convey a message or explain a product is critical to anyone in fashion marketing. Programs in the subject teach students how to communicate effectively with retailers (both physical and through the Internet), fashion publications (such as magazines), and other elements critical to promotion and public relations.


Studying current market trends and success stories often determines success in the fashion industry, and students learn that skill through their coursework. Watching buyer and consumer trends and needs, successful marketing techniques, and public relations campaigns are all critical components of observation.

Social Perceptiveness

Students will learn about social media and social awareness and the impact they have on both fashion marketing and the entire fashion industry. Learning social perceptiveness is a key to a student's success and includes public relations, awareness of consumer and buyer trends, and valuable, real world observation.

Judgment and Decision Making

Fashion students will discover the importance of judgment and decision making on their jobs. Components from other aspects of the fashion and design industry, such as trends, market analysis, product development, social awareness and design theory all influence sound judgment and decision making skills.

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