Online ESL Classes

ESL stands for English as a second language. Students improve their competency in English through continuous speaking, listening, reading and writing assignments, and they reinforce these skills through dialogue, group assignments and other opportunities that allow them to practice their abilities.

Knowledge Gained

Students will be familiar with the following subjects:


Programs will introduce students to the basic rules of grammar, including sentence construction, verb conjugation, and pronoun usage. Constant practice in selecting appropriate verb tenses and subject-object agreement expands students' vocabulary and improves their ability to form more complex sentences.

Student Assessment

Students learn at their own pace, making student assessment a necessity in any learning environment. They will take quizzes and exams designed to evaluate their progress, and will also participate in oral exercises.


Lessons will include the study of the elementary units of language. By understanding how letter groupings combine to form sounds and whole words, students improve their pronunciation and overall comprehension of English.

Curriculum Development

Online classes are tailored to meet students' needs regardless of their skill level upon entering a course. Through diagnostic evaluations, students identify their strengths and weaknesses and learn which areas of improvement require the most focus.

Teaching Methods

Students will also learn different approaches to learning English. After students are introduced to a new grammatical rule, that rule is applied to earlier concepts and reinforced in speaking, listening, and writing exercises.

Skills Developed

Classes help students build a variety of skills in multiple areas:

Written and Verbal Communication

Classes will help students learn English through constant practice in speaking and writing. Students are expected to display their knowledge through frequent writing assignments and oral presentations, which improve their comfort with applying the linguistic principles they learn.

Judgment and Decision Making

ESL classes develop students' ability to consider linguistic rules in order to further their understanding and use of English. By applying their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar to a variety of contexts, students learn how to adapt their skills to any situation.

Time Management

Classes provide students with frequent homework and deadlines that demand strong time management skills. Using a course syllabus as their guide, students learn to divide up how they practice their various English language skills to facilitate overall improvement.

Active Listening

Students will listen to how instructors model spoken English and learn to interpret the meanings of their words. In addition, they wikll reinforce these skills through frequent dialogue and by discerning the intentions of various speakers.


Assuming leadership roles in online ESL classes gives students opportunities to build their confidence as English speakers. Through collaborative projects, students learn to take ownership of their work and help classmates improve their skills.

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