Online English Classes

The top online programs in this field offer courses in literature, composition, rhetoric, language, poetry, drama, and creative writing. Students learn a variety of skills necessary to undergraduate and graduate studies, including communication, college writing, media literacy, critical thinking, reading, writing, and literary analysis.

Online English Classes

The study of English is centered on the literature, drama, poetry, and speech of historical and modern writers, thinkers, and artists. Students read and analyze texts that tell stories, narrate events, and explain ideas. Courses focus on the appreciation and analysis of the written and spoken word. Students will develop communication and writing skills that are critical to careers in business, education, management, and the arts and sciences.

Knowledge Gained

Students enrolled in online classes will broaden their knowledge in the following areas:


This subject looks at classic and contemporary American, English, and world texts that are representative of various historical periods. Students read, analyze, and interpret literary elements to explain how a work of literature affects a reader's response.


Online courses teach students how to compose and write academic papers for every college major. Students study grammar, sentence structure, and English conventions and learn to produce clear and organized arguments and expository essays.

Rhetoric and Language

Courses that focus on rhetoric and language study the logic and style of persuasion, point of view, personal and public communication, and changing modes of usage. Identifying persuasive techniques of other writers and speakers teaches students how to manipulate language for a particular purpose or audience.

Poetry and Drama

Online classes in poetry and drama focus on genre, form, style, literary periods, analysis, appreciation, and performance and often emphasize the relationships between language arts and the human condition. They also look at the traditions and structural elements of poetry and drama, such as voice, imagery, figurative language, sound, and poetic line.

Creative Writing

The subject of creative writing introduce students to a variety of writing forms that can include poetry, prose poetry, the personal essay, drama, short story, memoir, and experimental fiction. Exercises in developing character, place, situation, story, and descriptive language lead to individual writing pieces that give artistic expressions of ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

Skills Developed

Students will also gain skills in such areas as:


Students learn verbal and written communication skills important for understanding and acknowledging ideas as well as conveying ideas and thoughts to others. Successful communication skills include organizing main and supporting points and choosing appropriate language and vocabulary.

College Writing

Students learn to write academic essays and research papers and produce papers that meet college writing requirements for higher education courses. Students learn to document and cite resources, use academic terms, compose complex sentence structures, and construct correct formats for thesis driven responses.

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