Online EMT Classes

The study of emergency medical technology teaches the skills to help others in an emergency situation outside of a hospital setting. Online classes seek to provide students with skills to recognize the principles of emergency care to help people who have experienced accidents, injuries or illnesses. Students will study advanced life support and medical procedures to gain expertise to quickly and correctly respond to an emergency situation.

Knowledge Gained

Students enrolled in accredited online courses will demonstrate a working knowledge of the following:

Patient Assessment

Courses will equip students with the skills to evaluate diagnostic signs and determine the extent of injury or illness to provide efficient and prompt emergency care. Online EMT classes will provide students with patient assessment skills to recognize symptoms, assess a patient's vital signs and handle dangerous situations.

Anatomy and Physiology

Students will learn to describe anatomical locations, structures and physiological functions and concepts of each major system of the human body. In top EMT classes online, students will learn about the cells, tissues and membranes that make up the human body and how major systems function to help people stay healthy.

Respiratory Emergencies

Students will take courses that show how to handle respiratory emergencies by being aware of a patient's breathing patterns. Online classes for emergency medical technology will provide students with knowledge to assess signs and symptoms that may be triggered by medical problems, physiological or psychological stress and hyperventilation brought on by stress.


EMT courses online will enable students to analyze all threats of life that the patient could suffer due to a trauma incident. Students will gain the ability to assess pre hospital trauma, which includes basic trauma assessments and advanced trauma assessments.

Head and Spine Injuries

The best classes will provide students with knowledge on how to treat and prevent head and spine injuries. Students should gain an understanding of the central and peripheral nervous system, signs and symptoms and know when to suspect a spinal or head injury.

Skills Developed

While taking EMT online courses, students can expect to acquire the following skills:


Students will be exposed to a variety of situational emergencies, which involve observing patients. EMT online classes offer students the resources to study the human body, gain knowledge in the virtual classroom environment and observe field work to prepare for emergency situations.


College courses that cover emergency medical technology will instruct students to recognize cardiac and respiratory conditions. In online classes, students will learn about this lifesaving technique that is useful in many emergencies, including heart attack or near drowning when someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped.


Students will be expected to minimize the potential for further pain or discomfort by learning how to use splints on patients. Courses should show students how to immobilize fractures to reduce risk and improve pain.

Time Management

EMT online courses will provide students with necessary time management skills as timeliness is the most important trait a first responder must have. Students will be trained to adequately respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently so that a patient can receive proper treatment.

Judgment and Decision Making

Online EMT classes teach students to make effective judgment calls and decisions in high pressure, emergency situations. Students will learn to make the most appropriate judgment calls in emergencies such as bleeding control, administering IVs and assessing patient status.

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