Online Electrician Classes

Online classes in electrical technology will teach students a variety of concepts, including electric circuits, safety, wiring design, transformers and motors. The best classes will help students develop skills in dexterity, time management, judgment and decision making, observation and written and verbal comprehension.

Online Electrician Classes

The study of electrical technology focuses on the practical and theoretical ways that electrical systems function and how best to design and install them. Electrician courses prepare students to become a licensed electrician by teaching the science behind electricity and circuits, as well as how to build and repair them. Coursework will also cover electrical building regulations and workplace safety.

Knowledge Gained

Students can expect to learn about the following areas of knowledge:

Electric Circuits

At the foundation of this training is an understanding of how electrical circuits work and the different components used to construct them. Accredited classes teach alternate current theory, direct current theory and circuit analysis.


In order to minimize the risk of worksite accidents, students will gain a thorough understanding of the best practices for workplace safety. Top online courses will discuss occupational safety and health agency regulations on electrician workplaces and how to use material safety data sheets.

Wiring Design

Students will learn the principles used to design an electrical wiring system in order to provide power, maintain safety and meet regulations. Online classes will explain residential and commercial wiring principles, grounding an electrical system and interpreting local electrical regulations.


Students need a firm grasp of how electricity is transferred from high voltage lines to local residential and commercial systems using transformers. Classes explain the concepts behind step up and step down transformers, single and 3 phase transformers and transformer maintenance.


In addition to common commercial and residential electrical systems, students will learn the principles behind installing and maintaining electrical motors for industrial use. Electrician online courses cover the methods for connecting motor leads to circuits, checking motor power and configuring motor controls.

Skills Gained

In addition to these concepts, courses will teach these skills:


Students will gain hands on experience manipulating sensitive components to solve electrical problems. Classes build dexterity as trainees handle and install wiring, circuits and appliances in difficult positions while maintaining safety precautions.

Time Management

To become an efficient electrician, students must learn the most time effective methods of completing electrical services while ensuring quality and safety. Courses will promote time management skills through the exercise of industry best practices and repetition of common work tasks.

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