Online Dog Training Classes

The study of dog training is focused on understanding the many facets of dog behavior and communication in order to teach a set of skills to the animals. Students will learn how to influence dog behavior through conditioning and training. Dog training is service centered, and also requires students to understand how to pass on knowledge and training techniques to dog owners.

Knowledge Gained

Courses are designed to provide students with knowledge of the various aspects of dog training, such as:


Students can expect to learn how to take proper precautions when working with potentially dangerous dogs. Students will be taught defensive techniques and how to handle aggressive dogs or hostile owners.

Canine Psychology

The courses will teach students about the way dogs think and how the thought process affects behavior. Students will learn about dog psychology compared to human psychology, as well as how dogs react to traumatic situations.

Breed Temperaments

Classes focused on breed temperaments inform students about the characteristics of specific breeds in order to learn strengths and weaknesses of each dog. These online dog training classes help students understand the best ways to train certain breeds for every day behavior needs or specialized tasks, like explosive detection.

Obedience Training

The courses will teach students various strategies for approaching obedience training through positive reinforcement. Students can expect to learn how to teach basic commands, conditioning, and motivation through play.

Problem Behavior

The top dog training online classes help students identify, remedy, and prevent common behavioral issues in dogs. Chewing, nipping, excessive barking, house breaking, digging, and jumping are examples of common problem behaviors covered in these courses.

Skills Developed

Students will also develop skills in the following areas:

Problem Solving

The material covered in the courses will help students identify underlying problems connected to behavior. Additionally, students will learn to choose and implement the best strategies for training based on specific dogs and situations.

Verbal Communication

Students can expect to develop the ability to speak clearly, with authority and confidence. By learning commands and passing on training strategies to dog owners, students can expect to learn how to articulate solutions to canines and humans alike.

Customer Service

Students will obtain service skills necessary to interact with both animals and people on a regular basis. They will work closely with dog owners and tailor lessons for specific needs. They may also need to teach owners how to apply at-home training strategies.


By studying normal and abnormal dog behavior, students will be able to identify and assess problems in person. The coursework will prepare students to implement effective observation strategies and analyze information obtained during investigation.

Judgment and Decision Making

Throughout each course, students refine skills in judgment and decision making in order to assess situations and take quick action. Students will learn to draw conclusions based on information and choose the best training strategy for each individual dog.

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