Online Design Classes

By enrolling in top design classes online, students will learn a wide range of knowledge, including typography, color, layout, illustration and photography. Students will also be taught a long list of skills, including computer skills, creative thinking, communication, social media and project management.

Online Design Classes

The study of design focuses on the creative development and manipulation of a space, structure, or document. Students learn to apply creativity to practical purposes in a variety of different fields. Accredited courses online offer a number of ways for students to customize their curriculums to suit a specific career.

Knowledge Gained

Students can expect to acquire knowledge in the following areas:


Students learn to manipulate typography and fonts to create a more attractive document. Classes that focus on graphic design instruct students about how to develop and use new and different fonts while providing an understanding of the history of typography.


Classes teach students about one of the most important elements of graphic or visual design: color. Students learn about color theory, contrast between light and dark, and other color-related concepts.


Students learn the importance of layout, which is an essential part of visual design across many different mediums. These courses teach students the function of layout in animation, arranging objects on a page, and how to bring together a variety of visual elements into a cohesive design.


Courses also teach students new processes and programs that can be used with traditional art forms. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop are used alongside traditional sketching, drawing, and painting to help develop a student's skills.


Photography is a popular and viable option. The study of photography includes elements such as theory, technology, critiques of past and present work, and an analysis of historical and current trends in photography.

Skills Developed

The best online classes help students develop a wide range of skills and techniques, including:

Computer Skills

Depending on the type of design a student chooses, computer skills may play a major or minor role in a student's coursework. The skills a student develops may vary depending on the discipline of design they study. For example, they may learn advanced computer programs while studying interior design or graphic design.

Creative Thinking

Courses help students develop their creative thinking skills through the completion of class assignments. Students refine their creativity by using their critical thinking skills to create original works that are judged by their adherence to established principles.


Students learn the many ways that communication can impact design, whether it involves meeting deadlines or working with other team members. Design courses teach students how to communicate with clients and other designers, handle public relations, and promote projects and previous work.

Social Media

Design courses teach students the value and impact of social media as well as how to properly execute social media marketing campaigns. Students may learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and other social media outlets to promote design projects and connect with customers and fans.

Project Management

Project management is a critical skill that a successful designer must possess, which is why design classes offer training to students in this area. Students must work on multiple projects or become project leaders, so learning how to effectively manage deadlines and people is necessary.

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