Online Dental Assistant Classes

The study of dental assisting focuses on direct patient care and dental office duties. Patient care involves assisting the dentist with dental procedures and educating patients on preventative dentistry. Office duties can include tasks like scheduling appointments and billing customers. Courses are often offered in a hybrid format with students completing clinical experiences at dental offices or clinics.

Knowledge Gained

Online dental assistant classes will provide students with knowledge in the following areas:

Dental Radiology

Top courses focus on the techniques and procedures involved in dental radiology. Students learn how to operate dental x ray equipment and learn the proper safety procedures to protect patients and operators from radiation exposure.

Preventive Dentistry

Online classes teach core concepts of preventive dentistry, including tooth brushing, dental flossing, fluoride treatment and mouth rinses. Students will learn to counsel patients about the importance of good eating habits and proper oral hygiene.

Emergency Management

Accredited classes prepare students to respond to dental emergencies, control infection, adhere to safety standards and manage hazardous materials. Students will maintain emergency kits, take patient vital signs and collect patient medical and dental histories.

Dental Office Management

The best online classes will emphasize management of dental records and finance and dental computer applications. Students will learn file management, basic bookkeeping, dental insurance plans, inventory control and payroll.

Human Relations

Courses in human relations provide students with knowledge of business practices within the dentistry profession. In online classes for college, students will learn human resource laws, elements of employee benefit and compensation plans and how to analyze staffing needs and develop clear job descriptions.

Skills Developed

Accredited dental assistant courses also aid students in developing valuable skills in the following areas:

Written and Verbal Communication

Classes will teach students good written and verbal communication skills to listen to patients' needs and educate them on dental procedures. Students will learn to communicate clearly with patients and other dental staff to make patients comfortable and keep coworkers informed.

Time Management

Online classes emphasize time management skills to plan and exercise conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities. Students will learn to set goals and schedules while prioritizing work and personal activities.

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