Online Culinary Classes

Culinary classes prepare students for careers both in and out of the kitchen, by teaching food safety and sanitation, nutrition, cost control and purchasing, food and beverage management and wine studies. Students learn cooking techniques, culinary mathematics, menu development, interpersonal communications and marketing.

Online Culinary Classes

A culinary arts degree can lead to a range of different careers, including as an executive chef, dining room manager, or kitchen manager. While most programs require working under the supervision of a professional chef, many online culinary classes offer career advancement in culinary operations, culinary management and hospitality, and restaurant management. These fields focus more on menu planning, purchasing, marketing, and staff management.

Knowledge Gained

Accredited online courses provide knowledge in an array of subjects including:

Food Safety and Sanitation

Students in food safety and sanitization classes learn how to prevent the spread of food-borne illness. These classes emphasize safe food storage, handling and cooking techniques, proper cleaning and sanitizing of cooking equipment, work surfaces, and dishes.


Nutrition classes explore the fundamentals of nutrition so students can have the knowledge to develop menus. In these courses, students learn about the basic nutrients, study food labels, and analyze the nutritional content of recipes.

Cost Control and Purchasing

These classes focus on cost control and purchasing to teach students how to analyze and control an establishment's food and labor costs to improve profitability. Topics of study in these courses may include sales forecasting, menu pricing, inventorying and completing purchase cycle.

Food and Beverage Management

Food and beverage management courses help prepare students for running a bar or restaurant's front of the house operations. Customer service, service ware handling, dining room organization, and service staff training and supervision are some of the topics covered in these classes.

Wine Studies

Students also take classes in wine studies to learn the fundamentals of viniculture and wine service. Students become knowledgeable of the different wines of the world, develop skills in pairing wines with food, and gain insight into wine purchase, storage, marketing, and responsible management.

Skills Developed

Additional skills students acquire include:

Cooking Techniques

Although cooking techniques are better acquired under the supervision of a culinary instructor or chef, students can still learn some essential skills from an online course. Such techniques include knife handling and cutting techniques, kitchen equipment usage, and cooking techniques for grains, vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Culinary Mathematics

Online courses familiarize students with important culinary mathematics such as standard measurement units, conversion formulas, ratios and estimations. Additional culinary math skills in recipe scaling, recipe costing, and yield testing help students analyze and project costs for greater profitability.

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