Online Criminology Classes

Criminology is the study of crime and how to prevent it. Courses in this subject provide a foundation for understanding crime, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system as a whole. Studying criminology can lead to several exciting careers ranging from working as an FBI agent to a forensic scientist, or lawyer. In fact, students with this degree may work in 4 major career categories: law enforcement, criminal investigation, the courts, or corrections.

Knowledge Gained

Students will explore academic topics including:


Sociology ó the study of the development and functioning of human groups and institutionsó includes understanding group dynamics and theories about socialization, culture, and societies. Students on this track will explore the sociological study of cultural and urban anthropology, the criminal justice system, juvenile delinquency, contemporary social problems, criminal theory and law enforcement.


An essential part of piecing together a crime is understanding the psyche of the offenderóthat's where courses in psychology come in handy in this program. These courses study the behavioral, emotional, and mental processes of criminals and investigate why crimes are committed in the first place. Forensic psychology courses examine the process for understanding crime scenes, victims, and crime prevention.

Criminal Investigation

Students with this major will also explore the basic principles of criminal investigation, conducting accusatory and non-accusatory interviews and collecting evidence. Some classes will even cover crime scene processing and evidence collecting techniques, fingerprinting science, interview strategies, and investigative forensic techniques.

Criminal Justice System

Professors in this concentration will cover the historical and philosophical study of criminal justice agencies, as well as the investigation of law enforcement and criminal law. Courses may explore constitutional law, criminal punishment and rehabilitation, policing theories and the ethics in criminal justice.

Legal Research

Legal research experience is necessary and will provide students with an understanding of legal concepts, good legal writing and analysis, and the art of researching how law applies to various civil and criminal situations. Professionalism, persuasive writing, understanding legal conformity, and law library research techniques are just some of the topics that will be covered.

Skills Developed

Students will also develop the following valuable skills:


Students will develop an ability to notice, evaluate, and analyze significant physical and verbal details to assist in understanding crime, law and investigation. Students will discover that observation skills are necessary for drawing conclusions, providing clarity and precise detail and presenting sound evidence both out of and in court.

Written Communication

Written communication skills are also an important part of this career path. Students will learn to write clear, accurate, and grammatically correct reports, notes, interview transcripts, and court testimony which are each essential to a successful career.


Students will also develop detailed and analytical research skills. With a broad understanding of legal structures and scientific methodology, students will learn how to use research to clearly make connections, create hypotheses, support evidence, and draw conclusions.

Verbal Communication

Students can expect to cultivate their verbal communication skills through understanding and conducting investigations, interviews and oral reports. Students will improve their abilities to organize their thoughts and speak clearly, concisely, and directly.

Judgment and Decision Making

Throughout this program, students will learn how to critically question evidence to develop arguments and hypotheses. Students will learn to use the principles of sociology, psychology, investigation,. and research to make efficient and accurate decisions and conclusions.

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