Online Creative Writing Classes

The study of creative writing focuses on expressing thoughts, ideas, and emotions in writing. Unlike technical and professional writing, creative writing uses language as an art form. Creative texts fall into two broad categories: prose, which is written in sentences, and verse, which is composed of lines. Classes are often structured like studio art classes and can include workshops, peer editing sessions, final projects, and portfolio building.

Knowledge Gained

Online courses will provide students with knowledge of many genres of writing, including:


Fiction writing courses teach students how to craft novels, novellas, and short stories. In these courses, students learn about plot structure, narrative, character development, setting, point of view, and creating themes and symbols in prose writing.


Poetry courses focus on the techniques and styles used to write many forms of verse. These classes explain how to use figurative language, metaphor, simile, rhyme, metre, and alliteration to create imagery and emotions in structured and free-verse poems.


Classes on playwriting give students the opportunity to develop the characters, scene, script, and dialogue for a theatre performance. Playwriting takes audience participation, acting, directing, and scene development into consideration in the process of writing scripts.

Creative Non-fiction

Non-fiction classes teach students how to use elements of fiction and poetry in fact-based essays. Techniques like point of view, figurative language, metaphor, and character development are used to enhance real-life experiences in forms of writing that include autobiographies, memoirs, literary journalism, and travel writing.


Translating a story, novel, or poem from one language to another is a creative and technical form of writing. Students typically learn about linguistics and literary theory while translating a chosen text for a class project.

Skills Developed

Students will gain skills in the following areas:

Grammar and Punctuation

Students will learn how to correctly use the conventions of the English language. By manipulating word order, sentence flow, and punctuation in various forms of creative writing, students will gain a better understanding of how these elements work together to communicate a writer's thoughts.

Vocabulary and Usage

Students can expect to develop larger and more complex vocabularies while learning new ways to express thoughts and ideas in words. In the process of learning new words, students will also increase their comprehension of written and verbal methods of communication.

Word Processing

Students will learn the basics of making documents in word processing programs. Students will format documents with margins, headers, and page numbers, choose typefaces and fonts, edit, copy and paste text, and use the spell check application.

Social Perceptiveness

Creative writing classes will help develop students' awareness of social norms, human behavior, and culture. By creating plot lines, characters, and poetic imagery, students will learn how to articulate different perspectives and environments.

Time Management

While studying creative writing, students will learn to organize tasks and assignments to meet deadlines. Because projects in online classes in creative writing are often due at the end of the course, students will improve their ability to set personal daily and weekly goals.

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