Online Counseling Classes

The study of counseling focuses on various techniques and skills to help people navigate the challenges in their lives. Counselors typically provide treatment to clients who are experiencing emotional, social, physical or other difficulties. They can work with a range of clients, including individuals, families and groups. College courses online in counseling will introduce students to the many diverse populations they may serve.

Online Counseling Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students taking counseling classes online should expect to become acquainted with a variety of counseling approaches including:

Family Counseling

Family counseling courses online teach students effective strategies to help families cope with the daily challenges that they face. Family dynamics, mental and emotional disorders, and issues such as neglect, sexual abuse and physical abuse are examples of areas studied in online courses for counseling.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Top counseling online courses may prepare students to become qualified clinicians in the field of substance abuse. In these courses students learn counseling theories about the incidence of substance abuse, and will benefit from current research on assessment and effective treatment for addiction.

Group Counseling

Accredited online classes for counseling majors teach students the philosophy behind and effective techniques for leading group counseling sessions. Students will learn the role of group dynamics and conflict resolution as part of facilitating group counseling sessions.

Crisis Counseling

Classes in crisis counseling show students how to interact with individuals and groups during crisis and disaster situations, as well as training and supporting first responders. Students will explore topics including trauma assessment, crisis intervention and conflict resolution.

Cross-Cultural Counseling

Cross-cultural counseling classes explore how culture and ethnicity shape values, worldview and behavior. Online classes in counseling in this area will focus training students on how to develop culturally appropriate relationships with clients while providing counseling services that are culturally relevant.

Online Counseling Courses - Skills Developed

Students enrolled in the best online courses in counseling will also develop skills in the following areas:

Judgment and DecisionMaking

Accredited online counseling classes will help students exercise judgment in the process of deciding on the course of treatment and patient goals.

Students also will learn the importance of decision-making skills in responding to crisis situations and in grappling with ethical dilemmas that frequently arise.

Written and Verbal Communication

While taking online courses in counseling, students will develop written and verbal communication skills that are essential to a successful career in counseling. The ability to communicate effectively to peers and clients is critical in counseling settings where clients are looking to the counselor for their professional opinion and guidance.

Critical Thinking

Students can expect online counseling classes to emphasize the development of critical thinking skills. Counselors must be able to weigh the pros and cons of a course of treatment in a thoughtful, holistic way and then draw up a counseling plan based on this evidence.

Active Listening

Students will learn to distinguish "active listening" from hearing where meaning and evaluation of a message must occur before a listener responds to the speaker.

Social Perceptiveness

While studying accredited counseling online classes, students will learn to recognize the verbal and nonverbal behavior of others. Social perceptiveness includes being able to read tone of voice, body language and facial expressions.

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