Online Cosmetology Classes

The study of cosmetology focuses on the art and science of improving appearance by caring for hair, skin, and nails. Hair care involves design, style, treatment, and color. Skin care focuses on massages and facials using special creams and lotions. Nail care includes shaping natural or artificial nails and applying polish. The cosmetology online courses are often structured around audio and video demonstrations.

Knowledge Gained

Students should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas, including:

Hair Styling

Classes that focus on hair styling give students the opportunity to cut, style, treat, and color hair by safely using the chemical mixtures for coloring or conditioning. Students may also learn to work with hairpieces by styling, cutting, or dying the hair.

Skin Care

Classes emphasize the care and treatment of different types of skin using scientifically proven treatments, methods, and products. Microdermabrasion, facial masques, steam extraction, and chemical peels are some of the methods used to improve skin texture and overall appearance.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing courses teach students how to promote beauty products and educate customers on product options. They also focus on ordering beauty products, both for customer use and for sale in the salon.

Nail Care

Nail care classes focus on nail care techniques, styles, color and design. Students receive instruction in anatomy and physiology of hands, feet, and nails, as well as nail art, salon safety, and proper treatment to avoid causing infection or ingrown nails.

Customer and Personal Service

Courses also emphasize principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. Students learn the importance of telephone manners, positive first impressions, clear communication, customer comfort, and recommending services and products based on customer needs.

Skills Developed

Students may also expect to develop valuable skills, including:

Interpersonal Skills

Students will learn to interact with customers in a personable way to inspire confidence and trust. They will also be challenged with understanding and finding solutions to customers' needs while promoting feelings of importance and appreciation.

Active Listening

Students will develop active listening skills as a structured way of listening and responding to others. The ability to listen actively can demonstrate sincerity, improve relationships, reduce misunderstandings, and strengthen customer confidence.

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