Online Construction Management Classes

Through these courses, students learn how to supervise construction projects from early development to completion. They will also learn how to coordinate and budget resources, such as hiring subcontractors and other specialists who carry out specific functions for building projects. Lastly, students will develop collaborative skills needed to work with architects and engineers during the planning and design stage of a building project.

Knowledge Gained

Students should expect to gain knowledge in a variety of areas, including:


Students will learn how to prepare and analyze financial statements. Learning accounting skills will help students balance budgets that satisfy the material, labor, and regulatory requirements of a building project.


Students will study mathematics to improve problem solving abilities, because a career in this field requires math to calculate and convert measurements on the job and to create budgets based on blueprints and planning schematics.


Students will learn how nature, energy, and force affect different structures. Courses will teach engineering physics related to a structure's performance, such as foundation stability, energy efficiency, moisture control, and acoustics.

Construction Materials and Processes

These courses will teach students how to work with a variety of building materials. Materials and processes students will learn include electrical, plumbing, roofing, structural integrity, insulation, and landscaping.

Engineering Mechanics ñ Statics

Students will learn the mechanics of load bearing systems. Classes will teach how force and torque affect a structure's stability and what measures are necessary to ensure the durability of a finished project.

Skills Developed

Online classes also aid students in developing valuable skills in the following areas:


Courses will teach students about the responsibilities of overseeing major projects that are labor intensive. These classes will help students acquire leadership skills to delegate authority for specific building requirements and see that a project is completed within budgetary constraints.

Time Management

Students will develop good time management skills that promote efficient contributions from an entire project team. Students will monitor workflow, create schedules, and set deadlines for a project to be completed on time.

Written and Verbal Communications

Students will learn how to communicate ideas and instructions in writing, such as work orders or planning diagrams. Students also will develop verbal communication skills needed to discuss a project's progress with contractors or investors.

Computer Skills

Courses will teach the computer skills needed to manage construction projects. Students will study software applications for the building trade, such as programs for architectural design or budgeting spreadsheets.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students will learn how to judge the progress of a project and take action to ensure its success. Students will learn to be flexible in order to make adjustments to projects that may encounter unforeseen circumstances, which requires additional planning and decision making.

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