Online Computer Engineering Classes

The study of computer engineering involves design, implementation and maintenance of hardware and software of computers. Students will learn the components of computer hardware, such as chips, circuit boards, modems, keyboards and printers. This subject also teaches students to design computer software for single and multiple use, such as an application that manages a company's payroll or programs that run an entire computer network.

Knowledge Gained

Students can expect to gain knowledge in the following areas:

Computer Programming

Certain courses will teach students how to write the instructions, or source code, that computers follow to perform a desired task. Students will learn how to test and maintain a source code with the goal of creating an efficient and pliable function.

Computer Hardware

In specific cases, students will be trained to research, design and test computer equipment for commercial, industrial, military or scientific use. They will study a range of hardware, from personal computers and printers to mainframe computers that are used for mass information storage.


Some classes offer students training in mathematics courses like calculus, algebra, and trigonometry. Using quantifiable calculations and functional equations, students perform many tasks necessary for developing computer hardware and software.

Data Structures

Students typically learn how to organize and store computer data so it can be used effectively. Students will be able to manage databases and digital indexing services so information is easy to find, retrieve and apply.


Some courses introduce students to the crossover disciplines of electrical engineering and computer science. They will gain an understanding of how microprocessors, personal computers, supercomputers and circuit design work individually and integrate into larger processes.

Skills Developed

Classes also aid students in developing valuable skills in the following areas:

Programming Languages

These courses introduce students to the artificial syntax used to communicate with computers. Programming languages are essential for software development and students will study how to use these languages while designing computer applications that perform specific functions


Throughout their courses, students will develop superior research skills to search for solutions and new information. These skills will help students locate and examine data that can be used to improve the quality of work and provide additional knowledge of computer-related information.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Students will gain the ability to evaluate and understand the technology that is used to build computer hardware and develop software. In these courses, students analyze various design possibilities to determine the most satisfactory result.


Specific courses give students the tools to solve problems that arise in computer equipment and programs. Students will learn how to troubleshoot error messages in software or malfunctions in computer hardware by coming up with creative solutions to complex problems.


Classes also improve a student's time management skills by instilling discipline and organization. Students studying computer technology often work independently and will need to use time wisely to meet project deadlines and maintain a practical schedule.

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