Online Computer Animation Classes

This field focuses on creating digital animation by using computers and graphic imagery. These type of courses help develop skills in modeling, lighting, motion, and sound, while learning to tell a story. Students will work with both the artistic and technological aspects of animation techniques, which will prepare them for job opportunities in many areas, such as the entertainment industry, advertising, scientific research, the military, and education.

Knowledge Gained

These classes provide students with valuable knowledge in the following areas:

Computer Graphics

Top computer animation courses will teach students to design images by using computer hardware and software. They will learn to create and manipulate computer graphics to achieve dynamic imagery that propels a subject beyond a static picture or the written word.

Computer Modeling

Students also learn to reproduce natural phenomena, such as weather patterns or human physiology, by using computer generated simulation. They will collect and input the data necessary to develop computer models that represent a three-dimensional image of a specific system.


Most curriculums will include courses like linear algebra and calculus, which will help students adjust characters and images. To animate graphic images, they will use calculations and equations to determine movement, spatial perception, and time lapse sequencing.

Digital Character Animation

The best online classes introduce students to character development for animated features. Using the building tools of computer graphics and modeling, they will bring ideas to life by creating images with recognizable traits and mannerisms that function in an artificial environment.


Most programs introduce basic photography as well, such as shutter speed, exposure settings, and the use of light to enhance an image. Students who take photos can develop a personalized image archive for use in graphic animation.

Skills Developed

Students should expect to gain skills in several areas, including:


These types of courses help students improve artistic skills by drawing two-dimensional pictures. They will use these skills to create rough sketches of images used for animation or finished graphics that can be scanned for digital manipulation.


Students will improve narrative skills and learn the components of a good story. Those looking to enter the video game or film industries will learn the important elements of storytelling, including suspense, drama, or humor to help move a narrative forward and keep viewers interested.


These classes will teach students the importance of using teamwork to achieve success while working in group projects. They will learn how specialists in different areas of computer technology work together to guide an idea from the research and development stage to a finished product.


Students will also learn how to measure the time interval of a specific function. They will learn proper timing of an event or motion in context of developing graphic imagery that is natural and believable.

Visual Orientation and Spatial Perception

Classes in this area will improve a student's perception of factors occupying an environment and the effect they have within that environment. Students will develop the ability to view a world in three dimensions and identify an objects' relation to a given space.

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