Online Communications Classes

Online classes in this field will give students a working knowledge of a variety of subjects including public relations, social sciences, linguistics, and publishing. The best classes help students develop skills in critical thinking, inductive and deductive reasoning, teamwork, written and verbal communication, and social perception.

Online Communications Classes

This degree program examines the way humans interact with one another verbally and orally to convey meaning. Students in this field will study how messages are interpreted in different cultures and track the development of oral, print, and digital media. Areas of specialization include mass, organizational and political communication, public speaking, public relations, and advertising.

Knowledge Gained

Online courses in this field provide students with a broad base of knowledge in many subject areas, including:

Theory and Models of Communication

This subject is a study of the development of human communication from early oral and written forms to mass print media to contemporary digital media. Students will focus on the source, sender, channel, and receiver of a message as well as the content of a given message itself and how it may change during transmission.

Public Relations

This subject looks at strategic methods of communication in order to generate positive media awareness and minimize negative press. These courses prepare students for careers as professional public relations specialists on behalf of public and private sector employers.

Social Sciences

Degree programs in communications are rooted in social science methods, which examine the behavior of social groups. Students may perform quantitative and qualitative research and learn basic statistical analysis methods.


The best online courses for communications include classes in linguistics, or the study of the structure, formation, and meaning of human language. Students will examine the social and cultural foundations of language, learn how to analyze grammar, syntax, semantics, and sound systems and discuss the universality of language among human populations.


Students in this field will acquire practical skills in publishing, to prepare them for a career in print or online media. Courses focus on developing technical skills with desktop publishing software, photo editing, graphic design programs, and web publication techniques.

Skills Developed

Online coursework will provide students with skills in the following areas:

Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate their critical thinking skills through written assignments and public speaking projects. Students will learn to analyze the sender, medium, content, and receiver of a message and how power dynamics relate to message transmission.

Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Students will be trained to understand how humans arrive at a conclusion using inductive and deductive reasoning. Students will generate specific conclusions based on observations and cues.

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