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Online College Math Courses

The Key To A Promising Career

The availability of online college math courses can help stem the worrying trend being experienced by undergraduate students across America.

A study of college and university students released in December 2005 and funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts shows that there is cause for concern in the performance of these students in their math courses.

About 20% of students pursuing four-year degrees had only basic quantitative skills. Similarly, only 30% of two-year students had basic math skills. Many of the students surveyed had problems estimating if their cars had enough gas to reach the nearest service station.

Another study by the body responsible for the administration of ACT – a national college admission exam, also showed startling results. Only 40% of high school seniors in the 2002-03 class who took the exam received a score that showed that they were ready for college-level algebra.

What these studies suggest is really nothing new. Many students continue to have serious difficulties in trying to pass their college math courses.

This problem persist partly because it is a cultural phenomenon.

People have preconceived ideas as to who is good at math and who is not. Many parents for example, are happy to say they are not good at math. They never thought it was important to acquire math skills beyond the basic level. They in turn, pass this sort of thinking onto their children hence perpetuating the problem.

Furthermore, many high schools require students to take only two years of math so that by the time they reach college, they are rusty.

The end result is that far too many students fail to land jobs in the fast growing high tech sectors because they lack the strong math skills necessary to do so.

A survey by the National Association of Business Economists, in January 1996 seems to confirm this. 33% of corporate economists surveyed in 1995 said their firms were encountering problems in finding a skilled workforce.

By taking challenging online college math courses in addition to completing your college degree, you can overcome these barriers and secure a great career.

Some of the highest paying jobs like computer technology, actuarial science and finance require strong math skills. This trend is set to continue indefinitely because we live in a knowledge based society where numbers plays a huge part.

If you want to succeed in college math, the following outlines some of what you can expect from reputable online math courses:

1. High school pre-algebra courses in areas such as fractions, decimals, percentages and early foundation algebra courses. These will bring students up to a State’s benchmark for high school math proficiency.

2. A foundation in the various concepts of concepts of algebra needed at the college level.

3. Mathematical operations and problem solving as it relates to business subjects like accounting, finance and economics.

4. Introductory and more complex statistics and its application to business and society.

The top online mathematics courses teach you these things and more. It will give you a solid high school math foundation that prepares you sufficiently for college math.

Additionally, it will give you a strong math base at the undergraduate level, so that when you complete your degree, you are well prepare you for a high-paying career.

Whilst other graduates might have rusty math skills, you will be way ahead of the game as employers head hunt you for their companies.

Succeeding in online college math courses could also pave the way to a mathematics degree.

Having a math degree could open a plethora of career opportunities way beyond your expectations and see you getting the top tier positions in many fast growing professions.

It therefore goes without saying that having strong math skills is a trait highly admired by employers. Whether your decision is to just take a few college mathematics courses or to get a math degree, having strong competencies in this area is a sound strategy for a promising career.