Online Clinical Psychology Classes

The study of clinical psychology focuses on how to assess, diagnose, evaluate and treat mental and emotional disorders across a wide population. Clinical psychology also provides tools to enhance a patient's ability to function while managing their condition. Students pursuing clinical psychology may also choose to specialize in health psychology, which studies how psychological factors can impact health, or neuropsychology, which explores the relationship between the brain and behavior.

Online Clinical Psychology Courses - Knowledge Gained

Students taking clinical psychology online classes will gain a wide range of knowledge in multiple areas, including:

Clinical Assessment and Intervention

Online classes for clinical psychology will teach students how to develop and use interview techniques so as to determine conditions and formulate a diagnosis. An emphasis will be placed on the diagnostic categories, decisions and treatment plans, as well as the importance of empathy, building rapport and engaging in active listening.


Knowledge and understanding of the American Psychological Association's (APA) Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct will be a focus of accredited online classes in clinical psychology. Students will use case studies to learn how to apply the principles to state mental health statutes and discuss confidentiality, concerns in research and issues affecting practice.


Online courses for clinical psychology students will include the discussion of strategies and applications of psychological treatments for a range of disorders. Students will learn the theories, principles and techniques of talk therapy and treatment approaches within individual, family and group settings.

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Top clinical psychology online courses will include instruction in cognitive behavior therapy, which reflects an experimental-clinical approach in the field of psychology. Students will draw on the theories of cognitive processing to inform therapeutic strategies for positive behavioral change and learn how to apply standard tools to common conditions such as anxiety disorders and depression.

Personality Theory

Online courses in clinical psychology will explore aspects of psychological types and traits to understand individual behavior and interactions. Students may use case studies to assess and diagnose personality types and examine consistencies and differences in individuals, often incorporating differences in gender, age, sexual orientation and socio-economic background.

Online Clinical Psychology Courses - Skills Developed

Students enrolled in accredited online clinical psychology classes can also expect to gain skills in the following areas:


The best clinical psychology online classes will provide instruction in quantitative and qualitative research skills so that students will be able to analyze and design models. Both experimental and observational techniques will be taught, along with social and ethical implications involved in various branches of research.


Online clinical psychology classes will emphasize strong and flexible communication skills, instructing students in the importance of thoughtful listening and guidance. Case studies and simulated environments will be used to enhance sensitivity and empathy and teach students to evaluate behavior and communicate treatments.

Critical Thinking

Accredited clinical psychology courses online will have a strong focus on critical thinking, with students learning how to reason based on evidence and how to reach valid conclusions. Students will examine evidence and analyze assumptions and biases while learning how to place logic over emotion in their thinking.

Judgment and Decision Making

Strong judgment and decision-making skills are an important part of online college classes in clinical psychology, with a focus on drawing conclusions based on verbal communication, attitude and behavior. Students will learn how to apply critical thinking and observation so as to be comfortable making diagnoses and determining courses of treatment.

Problem Solving

Clinical psychology classes online will focus on using observation to identify mental and behavioral problems and establish strong solutions. Students will learn and practice a variety of strategies while further developing patience and flexibility in implementing their techniques.

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