Online Christian Counseling Classes

The study of Christian counseling will focus on professional guidance that utilizes specialized spiritual methods to provide adults or adolescents with assistance. Studying Christian counseling involves a spiritual dimension of learning that focuses on cognitive and behavior elements. Top Christian counseling online classes will offer specialized training by examining Biblical concepts and evaluating actions to explore how to positively change lives.

Online Christian Counseling Course--Knowledge Gained

Accredited Christian counseling online courses will help students gain knowledge in a variety of areas, including:

Biblical Principles

The best online courses in Christian counseling will provide Biblical scripture studies that educate and equip students to offer encouragement and personal growth to others. Students will learn to examine past events to repair the present, such as sexual addiction, gambling addiction and alcoholism.

Couples Counseling

Students will learn to offer guidance from a Christian perspective that aims to promote spiritual transformation in relationships. Participating in Christian counseling classes online will provide students with training to counsel couples and families to resolve issues in a positive way.

Sexual Addiction

Online classes in Christian counseling will provide students with the ability to help others who suffer from sexual addiction. Students will acquire specialized methods of psychology training that pertains to addiction, including sharing wisdom and skills, setting goals and resolving conflict to promote a well adjusted life.

Drug Addiction

Christian counseling courses online present students with methods on how to deal with emotionally disturbed individuals who rely on addiction to cope with problems. These methods, such as communication techniques, extensive evaluation and focus groups, enable students to effectively discern needs to help substance abusers live a drug free life.


Christian counseling classes online provide students with tools to help people who have experienced a traumatic event and may have a hard time expressing feelings. Formal training will teach students to help people with many types of trauma, including violence, natural disaster, life threatening accident or witnessing a serious injury or death.

Online Christian Counseling Courses-Skills Developed

Students enrolled in accredited online Christian counseling classes will also gain a variety of skills, including:

Judgment and Decision Making

College courses online in Christian counseling will assist students in learning to make decisions and judgments for each individual case. Students will learn to retain the ability to actively listen and make reasonable decisions that pertain to client by coming to logical conclusions.

Written and Verbal Communication

Students learn how to perceive all aspects of written and verbal communication and improve listening skills by using appropriate techniques that will aid results. These skills are taught in Christian counseling online classes through training, study material, observing counseling sessions and working in groups.

Critical Thinking

Effective accredited online Christian counseling courses will help students develop a genuine interest in other people that involve thinking beyond usual dynamics. Students will be able to reference different situations to make the appropriate decisions for each individual case.

Active Listening

Students can expect to acquire active listening skills to facilitate full and confidential expression of the client's feelings. The best online Christian counseling classes provide students with the resources to learn the laws of confidentiality, which includes the right to privacy.

Social Perceptiveness

While taking Christian counseling courses, students are equipped with social awareness skills to deal with a wide range of personalities. Social perceptiveness is encouraged through courses by training students on how to divert personal moral beliefs and focus on helping the client regardless of differences.

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