Online Chemistry Classes

Top online chemistry classes will offer courses in general chemistry, computer modeling, biology, mathematics and physics. Students taking online classes for chemistry can expect to gain skills in a number of areas, such as data analysis, critical thinking, research, writing, inductive and deductive reasoning, observation and data recording.

Online Chemistry Classes

The study of chemistry uses the essential building blocks of atoms, molecules and matter to investigate the composition of substances and their reactions. Chemistry is both a physical and experimental science that relies heavily upon laboratory work, most often conducted in teams. While there are many branches of chemistry, the five main areas of the field are inorganic, organic, physical, analytical and biological chemistry.

Knowledge Gained

Accredited chemistry courses online usually include a simulated laboratory and will provide students with knowledge in a variety of topics, including:

General Chemistry

For most students, it is useful to begin with general chemistry to achieve a solid grounding in the basic tools for performing experiments and analyses. Among other topics, students will be taught quantum mechanics, molecular geometry, chemical bonding and electronic structure.

Computer Modeling

The ability to use a computer to build experimental models is crucial for chemistry students. That said, students will gain an understanding of computational quantum chemistry, learn how to create simulations, and perform analyses based on their observations.


Students will also learn the basics of cellular and molecular structure and function. Using lectures and simulated laboratory work, students will learn to analyze and interpret the sciences of living organisms and biological phenomena.


Quality chemistry programs will also instruct students in calculus and algebra, as well as statistics. Students will apply mathematical equations and formulas to their experiments, using their own capacity and the assistance of computer programs such as Mathematica.


Programs will also instruct students in the physical laws and principles of mechanics, fluids, electricity and thermodynamics. Students will use algebra and trigonometry, as well as conduct experiments, to understand the physical processes of phenomena, their unifying principles and logical connections.

Skills Developed

Students can expect to learn and enhance skills in a number of areas, including:

Data Analysis

Chemistry students will focus on the ability to use quantitative measurements and draw both precise and accurate conclusions based on the evidence. Computer programs such as Mathematica, along with practical work in a simulated laboratory, will be used to develop strong analytical skills.

Critical Thinking

Students will also learn to form hypotheses and ask questions as part of their general research techniques. Students practice the use of logic to understand analysis and be able to probe, synthesize and evaluate results and methodology.

Research and Writing

The ability to conduct effective research is one of the foundations in chemistry. Students learn to design, conduct and criticize research and write papers that express their findings in clear and concise language that may be applied to their chosen field of chemical production.

Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Students learn to use observation to form hypotheses and principles and then apply those hypotheses to their work. Students will also learn how to use simulated laboratories and computer models to draw premises and make inferences, as well as study published experiments to understand their methodology.

Observation and Data Recording

The ability to be attentive, patient and precise is the backbone of chemistry. Students will learn these skills through lectures and via a variety of experiments. They will develop strong note-taking skills while organizing, analyzing and writing up the recordings for presentation.

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