Online Business Classes

Business is a large field of study with many working components that help form the principles to generate success for a company or an organization. The areas of focus within the field include marketing, finance, economics, accounting, and management. Accredited online courses usually involve specializing in one or more of these areas, along with learning the overall operations of an organization.

Knowledge Gained

The best online classes will provide students with a wide range of knowledge in the following areas:


Students enrolled in online college courses will learn the vital role of marketing as a means of communication between an organization and its customers. Planning, designing, pricing, promoting, and the distribution of goods and services are topics of focus in marketing courses.


Students studying finance learn about financial resource management and capital structure of an organization. A working knowledge of financial markets, security trading, forecasting, government policy, and risk management is also important.


Courses with an emphasis on economics will teach students how to evaluate economic policy to better understand the decisions of companies and consumers. Economic growth, price determination and income redistribution are all analyzed in economic courses.


In accounting courses, students will learn the basic tools and "financial language" of an organization. Creating financial statements, managing cash flow and auditing are examples of the knowledge that students can expect to gain.

Administration and Management

Accredited online classes that focus on administration and management teach students about leadership, decision making, strategy, structure and policy. Interactions within organizations like attracting, motivating, developing and retaining employees are examples of what students will learn while studying administration and management.

Skills Developed

Business students will also gain key skills in the following areas:

Statistical Analysis

Students will learn the methods of quality data collection and organization. These skills are necessary to analyze and interpret data for the purpose of making decisions or projections based on probabilities.

Written and Verbal Communication

Students can expect to develop strong communication skills that are vital to idea generation, creative processes and overall function of an organization. Learning proper written and verbal communication skills will enable students to work more efficiently with others and also save valuable time.

Social Perceptiveness

Taking business classes is a good introduction for students to learn about human behavior, groupthink, and human interaction. They'll gain a better sense of where others are coming from and recognize behaviors that may contribute to success or failure.

Judgment and Decision Making

Being able to make quick and informed decisions while taking a variety of factors into consideration are essential skills that students will learn from the top online courses in business. By working with others, budgeting time and allocating proper resources, students will get the feel for an organizational environment.


Working with others in a collaborative way is a task that comes up often in classes and in the real world. Students will learn how to effectively read personalities, assess strengths and weaknesses, adapt to situations and determine roles within a group.

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