Online Business Writing Classes

Business writing focuses on professional writing that is designed for a business enterprise. Unlike creative writing, business writing is intended to be fact based, topically relevant, and technically articulated and formatted. Students will improve their communication and sharpen their writing structure and style.

Knowledge Gained

Online courses equip students with knowledge in many areas, including the following:


Courses will teach students to enhance business interactions with clear, direct, business-related communication. Students learn to write for professional audiences in ways that are easily understood.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is required for drafting memos, emails, proposals, and reports, which often require technical details or diagrams. Students will learn the required elements for persuasive, informative, clear, and direct writing for internal and external audiences.

Computer Skills

Students will learn a variety of computer programs that can be used to create written documents. These courses will teach students how to create a range of documents, including emails, meeting notes, newsletters, brochures, white papers, instruction manuals, and press releases.


Students will discover how to effectively edit copy for punctuation, grammar, style, and layout of newsletters, manuals, reports, articles, and other professional documents.

Grant Writing

Grant writing is a specific kind of business writing to help fund business operations. Students will learn to write a successful grant proposal, which includes researching problems, supplying documentation and statistics, and evaluating fund sources.

Skills Developed

Courses prepare students for a career by helping them acquire several skills, including:

Word Processing

Students will develop quick and accurate typing skills on a variety of word processing programs. Students will use functions like spellchecker, search and replace, word count, and will learn to efficiently enter and organize data.

Written Communication

Written communication is the essential skill that students can expect to gain through business writing classes emphasizing strategies for writing with succinctness, clarity, active voice, and other techniques for informative and persuasive business writing.

Grammar and Punctuation

Business writing courses help students improve writing habits, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Students will focus on topics such as proper subject and verb agreement, distinguishing homonyms, comma usage, and more to write in a way that will enhance professional performance and generate results.

Judgment and Decision Making

Students learn to observe, interpret, and discern possible choices in scheduling, grid analysis, risk assessment, or any number of business leadership and team tasks. Classes in business writing help students effectively deliver information by teaching proper word choice and what facts to include in each document.

Critical Thinking

Students will learn to understand the context of written words. Students will gain the ability to see the value of professional documents and analyze the potential impact that writing has on each individual reader.

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